JBL's Blog - Finlay will pay, my way, at WrestleMania

JBL's Blog - Finlay will pay, my way, at WrestleMania

A lot of people have asked how I could be so mean to Hornswoggle. To tell you the truth, it is easy. It is so much easier beating up little people. It's really fun, too.

 The big story is that Finlay lied to Mr. McMahon and was in on this elaborate plot. Who cares about Hornswoggle? Mr. McMahon is one of the guys who make this world go around, and that is what the world should be interested in.

I don't really care that Hornswoggle is innocent. I care about Mr. McMahon's integrity -- which Finlay attacked. Finlay will pay, my way, at WrestleMania.

As we speak, I am in Myrtle Beach overlooking the ocean. I am sure Hornswoggle is in the hospital suffering, but so what? I am enjoying myself.

Also, I will be at the Southeast Petro show all week promoting Mamajuana Energy and www.mamajuanaenergy.com. There are those that mistake it still for an energy drink, it is not -- apples to oranges. Mamajuana Energy is an all-natural sex potion, pure and simple. If you want your sex life improved and don't want to have to get a prescription, buy Mamajuana Energy.

I was at the Arnold Classic last week promoting the product as well. In fact, I saw the only nutritionist I have ever had, and if you think I look bad now, you should have seen me before she got ahold of me. Tracy Beckham was in the Women's IFBB pro competition, and looked better than ever. I think I need her to help me again with my diet; it gets harder when you pass 40. Of course, last time she worked with me, I became world champion -- that's a pretty good endorsement for her.

At the Houston Cook Off last week, I ran into a bunch of guys who were friends with Good Ol' J.R. Funny that with football, beer and barbecue, that J.R.'s name comes up. Good guys who spoke well of J.R., as did I.

People ask me all the time about politics, I think they all stink. How else do you explain that a guy like Henry Waxman would vote against federal drug testing for federal employees and then with two wars going on, decide it is time to call Roger Clemens and Brian McNamee to Capitol Hill. I guess the budget is fine, and no one is losing their homes, and soldiers aren't dying. We need regulation in sports, by God. Wow, what a misuse of power.

Of course, we have a career politician (though a war hero, which I admire) who is an old man, running against two junior Senators! What happened to our country? And with Hillary, if a spouse traveled with an airline pilot for years, that doesn't make her qualified to fly the plane. I don't get it. And, it's not like I just hate all Democrats. I hate Republicans, too.

What they all need is Mamajuana Energy. I still cannot announce our retail store we have agreed to a deal with yet. However, it is being tested in several stores. In NYC you can buy it at my favorite little store, Good Nature, at 55th and 2nd. It will soon be everywhere.
Maybe Hornswoggle needs … naw, who cares?

Give my Mamajuana Energy a try at www.mamajuanaenergy.com!


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