JBL's Blog - Poor Hornswoggle ... So What?

JBL's Blog - Poor Hornswoggle ... So What?

Okay, okay so I threw a leprechaun into a cage. Is it really that big of a deal? It's kinda like coyotes in West Texas; you can do whatever you want to them -- it's okay. Actually, when you have might, you are right. Look at foreign policy for this country -- see, I am right.

Now, I understand Hornswoggle has injuries, so what? Hornswoggle should have never gotten into that cage with Mr. McMahon. Relive JBL's attack on Hornswoggle: Video

Now onto more important things … I am proud to say that Mamajuana Energy is getting picked up by a nationwide retailer. I can't say who because it is not signed yet; we have a verbal agreement that I am thrilled over. In fact, I will be visiting a lot of these stores around the country over the next year.

I will announce soon who this retailer is; we are pleased to be working with such a quality company.

Also, my favorite little store in New York City, Good Nature at 55th Street and 2nd  Avenue, is carrying Mamajuana Energy as well. We are waiting on a nationwide rollout, but I couldn't resist giving some to my guys at Good Nature. Stop by if you are in NYC and give Mamajuana Energy a try. Your sex life will never be better. After all, Mamajuana Energy (also available at www.mamajuanaenergy.com) is not an energy drink, though it is good at that. Mamajuana Energy makes you a sexual tyrannosaurus (as Gov. Jesse Ventura once said in a movie).

We also have a test run going on in Texas at a major chain and meetings all week with distributors who want the hottest product in retail, Mamajuana Energy.

After sitting out the last WrestleMania, I am looking forward to Orlando, Fla. There is nothing like ‘Mania, nothing. It is our Super Bowl. However, after going to the Super Bowl the last two years, ‘Mania is much better.

Too many new guys are just happy to be on the card. I'm not here to be on the card, I am here to headline. I put people in seats; I don't want some middle card spot.

And, what's up with that ignorant WWE.com? Ranking me 25th in the POWER 25 rankings? What moron who never played a sport, and lives in Mommy's basement with his social site dating service ranked JBL 25th? Hornswoggle, who is recovering from injuries from me, along with Finlay, is ranked higher than me. They even included some guy from our minor league ahead of me. I don't know his name and don't even know the name of our minor league; I don't care.

Who makes this crap up? And who believes them? That would be like ranking Muhammad Ali below Cleveland Williams. (Oh, never heard of him? My point exactly!) Go on WWE.com and see for yourself! It would be like saying Michael Cole is a better announcer than me -- ridiculous! It would be like saying Coach does anything good. It would be like saying Joey Styles has bass in his voice.

Half those guys on that list were watching me when I was WWE Champion. They then get into the business and instead of chasing rats around hotels, they play video games. What has happened to our business? Poor Dick Murdoch is spinning in his grave (sorry, Dickie). 

I was sorry to see OVW close down. My very good friend, Danny Davis, did a great job down there. Danny is one of those guys who is great for the business. I don't think you would catch him playing video games with this new crop of "talent."

Also, I have traveled many a road with him, Al Snow, Dutch Mantel, Tom Prichard, and I used to split both a car and hotel expenses. Sometimes, Kane even joined the mix. Talk about a crew. We used to argue with hotels over $35, and that was when we were splitting it four ways! I guess the modern day wrestler argues over his protein shake and tanning fee after they get a massage in the spa.

I wish my friend Al the best.

Tom and Dutch actually tried to take the lug nuts off of a hub cap one time to change a tire. Tom, the worst driver in the history of the automobile, had driven us off the road. Tom says the pothole (it was a ditch) was in the middle of the road-right, most ditches are in the middle of major highways.

Tom and Dutch, who double as Hermie Sadler's pit crew, tried to take off the plastic fake lug nuts on the hub cap! And then said we were just stuck. When I popped the hubcap off and changed the tire, they both asked me not to tell anyone. So please don't tell anyone. Idiots.

I'm gonna be at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo this Thursday and Friday. Gonna be promoting Mamajuana Energy and looking at big haired Texas women. I will be at the Arnold Classic this Saturday promoting Mamajuana Energy as well. Next week, I am in Myrtle Beach at the SE Petro Show talking to distributors about Mamajuana Energy.

I'll be there at the same time as Hermie's cousin, who runs the Sadler's truck stops, Slip in. I once drove one of Hermie's trucks off of a bridge … aw, I'll save it till next time.

Check out www.mamajuanaenergy.com. We added a six-pack you could buy to get our price point down. Try it; you will love it.  And, we are going to be having new videos up this week on the site. Maybe if some of our young guys would take some Mamajuana Energy, they would put up their damn video games.

I still haven't got a report from Good Ol' J.R yet, but I have heard it is still banned in the Freebird's house. I hope to see my good friend JR at the barbeque cook off in Houston. J.R.'s got a heck of a franchise he is building. I am not a big fan of beef jerky, but what J.R. gave me was off the hook -- loved it. I can't wait to visit his barbeque restaurant.

Give my Mamajuana Energy a try at www.mamajuanaenergy.com!


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