JBL's Blog - Nothing Personal, Hornswoggle, Finlay

JBL's Blog - Nothing Personal, Hornswoggle, Finlay

My career has been built on statements, statements I have made in the ring and out. This past Monday I made another statement. No offense to Hornswoggle and Finlay, but they were merely the recipient of another statement from JBL -- don't take it personally. I will address this matter fully and in more detail live on Raw this Monday.

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But let me me clear about one thing: I didn't return for a swan song. I didn't return for a trip down memory lane. I returned to the ring because I am still the best in the business. I returned to the ring to be a world champion again.

Too many guys want one last run. I have had plenty of "runs"; I don't need another one either financially or ego-wise. I am here again because I got sick of watching people with half my talent be in main events and claim they did something to deserve it. These guys woke up on third and thought they hit a triple.

It's like Terrell Owens dancing in the end zone: You don't like it, stop him. You don't like what I do, try to stop me. I am rich enough in that I can't be punished, and I am good enough so that no one can do anything about it. What a great spot to be in -- everyone lives to be in the spot I am in, but no one ever makes it. I did. Perhaps that is why certain people don't like me; they realize how inadequate they are compared to me. Too bad, get used to it.

By the way, my company, Layfield Energy, is doing quite well, thank you for supporting it. The Web site for the greatest retail product ever, Mamajuana Energy, is www.mamajuanaenergy.com. Once again, I give back to my great fans.

Now how do you like that, greatest wrestler ever with the greatest product ever? That's too good to be true, but it is true. Mamajuana Energy is pure and simple sex in a bottle. This isn't for Bob Dole or Rafael Palmeiro. It's for healthy, virile people who want to feel like it's prom night again.

Hey you can't stop me, so you might as well join me. 


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