JBL's Blog - The Chamber and John and Mike World Tour

JBL's Blog - The Chamber and John and Mike World Tour

What another wild week! Went to Cancun this week to shoot commercials for our Web site www.mamajuanaenergy.com with the very lovely Ms. Cancun. She was outstanding, and the pyramids were awesome.

However, I was shaken down by the local police, almost got robbed on a wrong turn and ended up in a political rally. Our cameraman got our camera, and himself, confiscated at Tulum and taken to jail, and then set free after the cops realized he had done nothing wrong. A bribe was asked for, of course.

All in a day's work. When you wrestle in the carnival tents of Europe for two years and work in this business for 15 years, nothing really surprises you.

I saw a book out about a guy who murdered many prostitutes and was tried in Graz, Austria. The courthouse was bombed during the trial. I was staying in the hotel across the road in the mid 1990s with all the other American wrestlers. The hotel shook and some windows were blown out. Police came in with automatic weapons to interrogate us in a language none of us spoke.

All in a day's work I guess. This is normal, right?

Of course, it is about as normal as an Elimination Chamber Match. I hope my body holds up to it. I was tested by Jericho and still was able to get it done. But this [the Chamber] is a whole new level. I am excited about the opportunity. I didn't return to be a sideshow; I returned to be a World Champion. Here is where I can get started.

When I was in Europe, the Bull Rope Match was introduced. The match went over very well -- until the promoter booked four in one week. That killed it and almost me as well. It's going to be interesting to see who has a better Elimination Chamber Match between SmackDown and Raw because believe me, there will be competition.

I forgot to mention last week that the Super Bowl was part of the John and Mike world tour. The world tour that last year saw us at St. Andrews, the Super Bowl and the World Cup. This year, we have the soccer championship planned in Moscow and running of the bulls in Pamplona. That's right, my big fat self plans on running with the bulls.

My buddy who runs money in the UK, Mike Corcell, and his elf Sam are the participants on the John and Mike world tour. I saw an article with these guys the other day. I want to be as smart as them when I grow up. You know, between them and my wife, I feel like Jethro Bodine.      

Don't forget to catch my video on stock picking and me on Fox Business every night with Neil Cavuto. Neil is the best interviewer on television, in my opinion.

Also, we are getting unreal testimonials on Mamajuana Energy; you gotta give it a try at www.mamajuanaenergy.com. I hope to have a report from J.R. this week; I did give him a sample, but no word if he has taken it yet. Of course, I also gave a sample to King. Actually, if they do respond, I'll have to let them do it on their own Web sites.

 Give my Mamajuana Energy a try at www.mamajuanaenergy.com!

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