An Original Thought

An Original Thought

Finally, I have returned to my worldwide Internet fan base. I have decided to get rid of the Diary of Violence and start a new column: An Original Thought.

My reason for scrapping the Diary is simple: My own protest. I was the leader of the ECW revolution before, and whenever I disagreed with current events or topics back in the day, I had my own vehicle to vent or poke fun of things on a weekly platform called ECW TV. ECW was founded on its rebellious nature against WCW and where the wrestling business was going (in a cartoonish direction). I no longer have the opportunity to vent weekly, so with the entire wrestling industry under a microscope, I decided to take the opposite approach: Silence. So many people were trying for their 15 minutes of fame and bashing the business that I love, so I just sat back in silent protest and let the chips fall where they may.
The other reason for the name change -- simply the word "violence." In the society that we live in today, many news reporters want to get the scoop first without checking facts or people having credibility. I received many calls from so-called "journalists" simply because they heard I represent "Violence." Yes, I like to get very physical in the ring, I love Extreme Rules and have been in some crazy hardcore brawls, but calling me to get a quote or go on TV based on a nickname or moniker is like calling The Animal Batista because your dog has diarrhea and you need advice how to cure it. I'm sure Batista would recommend putting rice in your dog's food, but it does not make him a vet.

So, to all those so-called reporters: Go to hell and lose my number. If you want to know something from me, you will read it here. I never lie to my ECW fans as I continue being something that I pride myself on, and that is an Original.
Speaking of not lying, I recently have had many people inquire about my new ring attire -- my bandana. It is amazing that I wear something on my head and everyone is asking why (ah, the price of being in the public eye -- I love it). On Sept. 12, I had surgery on my head. I wrestled on Sept. 18 to begin the Elimination Chase to No Mercy with sutures in my head. The doctor said it was equivalent to having more than two hundred stitches. For those of you who have DVRs or watch's Hardcore Hangover, watch when Stevie Richards kicks me right in the back of my head, and I think you will actually be able to see fire shoot out of my eyes because that is what it felt like. (Watch the match now on Hangover)
I met a little boy who said, "You are the guy that wrestles with a bandana on. I wear one too. Let me see your scar." I showed him mine and then he showed me his. He has a brain tumor and wears one because people look at him as if he is different. My scar is for cosmetic reasons because I am going bald. This little boy is fighting for his life. We traded bandanas and it has given me luck ever since. I am sorry Bret Michaels of Poison; I am not wearing bandanas because of you. I love your show though, and I will give you an old school Dreamer quote for your final celebrity dating show: Take both remaining girls on your show. You're hardcore.

Back to my headgear, I will wear bandanas on my head for anyone that feels different or has lost their hair because of any radiation treatment. Whoever is going through this, it is my shout out to you. Be strong. Your strength and faith is what gets you to the next day.
I will continue to update my column.
Thanks for reading,
Tommy Dreamer

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