Well wishes from an ECW Original

Well wishes from an ECW Original

First, I need to give a shout-out to Colin Delaney. I know it is a little late, but I still want to publicly say I am proud of you and very happy you got your first pinfall victory. It is a long road ahead of you but you have accomplished what many only dream about. A WWE contract comes with the responsibility of working as hard as you can every night both in and outside the ring. I am happy to have mentored you on your journey and will continue to do so. You have a lot of talent and ability.

Speaking of mentors, talent and ability, I was privileged enough to take part in a very special event on Thursday, May 15. One of my mentors, Mick Foley, asked if I would be a part of a charity organization called Abilities. The event was in Long Island, N.Y., and featured many sports figures and celebrities. It was a very successful fundraiser.

I was very honored to be a part of the event, as well as meet some very special men and women who have some difficult health problems, but through their own amazing testament will not let anything hold them back. I had so many pleasant conversations with people that just love WWE and what we do for a living. It really puts a lot of things in perspective for me when I attend things like this. You never realize the magnitude of the lives you touch. It is truly an honor to perform in front of millions of people and inspire people to better themselves and/or just put smiles on their faces.

It was nice to see so many celebrities attending. I was like a little kid seeing NY Mets Rusty Staub, Bud Harrelson and Darryl Strawberry; NY Jets Marty Lyons, Bruce Harper and Wesley Walker; NY Rangers Rod Gilbert Olympians, Jo Jo Starbuck and Scott Hamilton; WWE Superstars Mick Foley, Matt Striker and Nunzio.

It is most important that you think about the actual importance of the gift of life. I do not mean to preach, but God bless everyone reading this. Thank you for letting me still live my dream. We are all blessed.

Tommy Dreamer

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