Reflecting on Joey Styles

Reflecting on Joey Styles

I am really having a hard time expressing in words my following emotions. So please, bear with me. I have been fortunate enough to work with some of the greatest athletes in this business. No matter how good your match is, someone must tell the audience the emotion and passion that is going on in the ring. I have had the honor of having the two greatest wrestling announcers call my matches -- WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross and "The Voice of ECW," Joey Styles.

I was shocked to hear that Joey Styles was not going to be announcing for ECW and moving on to Joey has called some of my favorite matches. I never had to talk to Joey before a match, because he always knew my heart and passion for this business. What I do in the ring, Joey does on the microphone. Joey cares about the wrestling business. He cares what our audience feels about and has been living his dream for many years. As a business decision, it was a great call made by the higher-ups. Joey was a force behind ECW in its inception when the Internet began. I am sure that will get even better with Joey on board.

My heart is very upset that I won't have him calling my matches anymore. Call me selfish, but I know he is just that damn good. I am not going to get into our history as friends, because it is well documented through the trials and tribulations all the ECW Originals went through. Joey and I went through all of it together. I am happy to call him and his family my friends for many years. Joey Styles is the only man to call a wrestling pay-per-view by himself. He will forever be "The Voice of ECW." I hope the old saying of never say never stands true, and Joey Styles will be back on his throne as ECW announcer.

A final note to his successor Mike Adamle: I know it is hard to do wrestling play-by-play. I have done it, and it is tough. I wish you much success. Hang in there, study the product and have passion for what we do.

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