WrestleMania week

WrestleMania week

Wow! Is the best way to describe WrestleMania week. Orlando, you were blessed with having the WrestleMania blitz in your town. Every appearance was jam-packed. The THQ Smackdown vs. Raw 2008 Superstar Challenge at House of Blues was similar to a major Hollywood party. Media outlets from around the world were in attendance. All the WWE Superstars had press conferences. As a wrestling fan, the WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony is a must see. The fact that the event was a complete sellout speaks magnitudes about the contributions WWE Hall of Famers have had on this great business.

WrestleMania was totally amazing. The actual set, the stage and then the atmosphere, when it all started, made me feel like a little kid again. I was fortunate enough to be at the first WrestleMania and have seen every one since. WrestleMania XXIV set an attendance record for the Citrus Bowl with 74,635 fans. So many ‘Mania moments were witnessed, such as CM Punk winning Money in the Bank, Randy Orton retaining the WWE Championship, Kane destroying Chavo for the ECW Championship, Ric Flair vs. Shawn Michaels was another classic WrestleMania match for HBK. And lastly, Undertaker's amazing undefeated streak continues. For me, I was in the Battle Royal that you can watch right here on WWE.com. I came really close to winning, but I still was just happy to be a part of the show.

WrestleMania is bigger than the World Series, Final Four and Super Bowl combined. I can't wait until next year. If you are not there, you are definitely missing a chance to be a part of history. How can you follow-up WrestleMania in the same town and sold out stadium. Simple - sellout Amway Arena and have a chance to say goodbye to Ric Flair. The Four Horsemen reunion on Raw was surreal to me and several WWE Superstars. Just being able to walk down that aisle to say bye to the greatest in-ring performer of all time was another dream come true.

I am proud to say I am a wrestling fan. I truly love this business. Thanks to all the crew, camera people and WWE staff that made this all happen. Your efforts do not go unnoticed. Ric Flair, thanks for selling out another house and for being you. Although it was an emotional defeat, losing the match is your family's biggest victory, because now they get to be around you more. Your wrestling family has had you for 35 years, now go, and be ‘The Man' to them. You will be missed, but not forgotten.

Thanks for reading,

Tommy Dreamer
Wrestling Fan

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