Diary of Violence: What a Week!

Diary of Violence: What a Week!

How so many things change in a week! So many items need to be addressed:

1. The passing of Sherri Martel -- Sherri was a pioneer for the women in this business. She was a great wrestler and an amazing manager. Sherri and Woman were the only two ladies brave enough to enter ECW back in 1994 and 1995. These two ladies played such an important role in establishing Shane Douglas and Sandman respectively. ECW fans came to see those two ladies because we had no other Divas that wanted to come to the Land of the Extreme.

Sherri would manage Shane Douglas and would do anything to stand by her man. I feel that was one of her greatest attributes. She would always put her body on the line to help her man out. Sherri helped me out in my early days of ECW. I would sometimes see her about to cheat, and I would be able to stop her and usually sneak a kiss on her only to be blasted in the mouth. Trust me, I know from experience, Sherri was definitely hardcore.

I was so happy to see her have her moment and be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Sherri, the words diva, queen and legend are thrown around way to much. You, Sherri Martel, are all three wrapped up into one. You will be missed by all. Thanks for being you.

2. The WWE Draft -- I see someone was reading my column because many of my picks moved. Chris Benoit is back in ECW. Johnny Nitro comes without Melina. And even I hate to admit it, but I like The Miz in ECW. I cannot wait to punch him in the face.

3. Mr. McMahon's limo tragedy -- I know many people do not like him. I know I was thinking about the whereabouts of Eric Bischoff and Paul Heyman. Hell, I know I am a major suspect in the whodunit mystery.

Vince has so many people that disliked him. The difference is most people bitch about Vince after they no longer work for him. I voice my difference of opinions with Vince on his own Web site. I respected Vince and if I would have wanted him dead, I would rather have done it with my fists than taken a coward's way out and blow him up.

It was very interesting to see the reactions of the fans as well as the Superstars in Wilkes-Barre, Penn. that Monday night. The world is definitely talking about it as well. Even in presumed death, Vince knows how to create a buzz and make money. How can you not respect that?

I have watched many TV shows. I actually like being part of the unfolding drama. Seeing the limo blow up and the fire afterwards was surreal. I have rewatched it many times, and I do not know what the hell happened. I am sure we will have an answer soon.

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