Diary of Violence: Undertaker and the spirit of ECW

Diary of Violence: Undertaker and the spirit of ECW

I have to apologize for my not updating my diary. I am still dealing with the fact that Vince McMahon is the ECW World Champion. I will get back to that in a second. My first issue to address is the New Breed.

It is so funny how you guys are already in shambles just weeks after WrestleMania. I will have to give it to you guys -- we fought all over the world, and you guys all worked hurt, and gave it your all. Maybe you have learned some common sense and realized what the ECW Originals are fighting for. It is pride in yourself as well as pride in the company that you work for. It is your work ethic and caring about how you are represented and most importantly, what your legacy in the business will be. Though the Originals won the war, you guys put up a good fight.

Speaking of fighting, if anyone wants to see a true ECW-style match, last week's Undertaker-Batista battle in a steel cage was what this business is all about. Undertaker, who was nursing an injured arm, had an inspirational match. If any young wrestler wants to know what work ethic is, that match is the one to watch. The Deadman fought for what he believes in, and left that ring a bigger icon than he already is. My hat goes off to him. He is an amazing performer.

Now to our new ECW Champion. Mr. McMahon, you still have no clue about what ECW represents. You especially do not have the work ethic in the ring since you have two other guys -- your son Shane and Umaga -- doing all your dirty work for you. I will save my Vince McMahon tirade for next week.

So, in closing, Vince, your greatest ECW moment or what the spirit of ECW represented happened on SmackDown. Undertaker's match is what I having been talking about since the Diary of Violence started. Grab a copy of the match, and maybe you can be a worthy champion instead of a disgrace to the legacy of that title.

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