Lovin' Life, No. 4

Lovin' Life, No. 4

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In the third edition of Lovin' Life featuring Michelle McCool's advice, the All-American Diva tackles self-confidence, romance, dreams and more. Read on to see what our fans asked Michelle and get ready to take some notes from her answers.

Question: I really don't give myself a lot of credit. How do you learn to love yourself? - Rockenmom 

Michelle McCool: Hi, Rockenmom! Sometimes it's hard to give ourselves credit, huh? To be honest, I am the same way. I think it's completely normal to be your own worst critic. Only problem is, if you don't love yourself, nobody is going to do it for you. God made each of us different and I know that you have been given many special gifts that you should be proud of. Try to remember to focus on the positive, do things that make you happy. My grandma always told me that you make the choice every morning ... no matter what the case may be; you can choose to be happy or sad, productive/ unproductive, silly/serious, etc. ... Keep your chin up! I know you have lots of things to love about yourself; you just have to accept who you are and your confidence will shine through.

Question: I have this girl that I really like in my class. Since you're a girl, I thought you would know. So how do I know if she likes me back? - Anonymous

Michelle McCool: Hi there! This is a tough one. Sometimes it's really hard to get a good read on whether or not someone likes you or not. How do you feel? Do the two of you get along? Do you talk to her? Does she talk back? You can always drop subtle hints or try getting in good with her girlfriends. That way you can feel them out to see if they have the scoop for you. No matter what, don't change who you are. There's nothing sexier than a person who is confident in their own skin.

Question: My name is Leslie and I'm 13 years old. What should I do now as a teen to become a WWE Diva by the age 23? What strengths should I work on and what can I do to improve these strengths? What attributes should I have to become a WWE Diva? -- Leslie

Michelle McCool: Hi, Leslie! I don't know that there is much you can do at 13 other than continue to focus on your dream. If you dream it, you can live it. My new motto (and if you notice, I have been wearing it on my ring gear) is that you have to have faith, heart & soul! With these things, ANYTHING is possible. Never lose focus because if you don't go after your dream, nobody else will!

Question: How do you keep up with all of SmackDown events? There is one every night. I saw a wrestling schedule and I was like, "OMG, how on earth do you do this!!??" So, what's the secret? - Shannon

Michelle McCool: Hi, Shannon! Thanks for noticing that! A lot of people think we only do one show a week. ... Boy are they wrong? :) It is a crazy schedule and I don't think there is a secret. It's all about passion! If you love what you do, every minute is worth it!

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