Faith, Heart & Soul No. 16

Faith, Heart & Soul No. 16

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Hey guys! It's that time again ... time to inspire, time to give thanks, time to encourage, and time to LOVE LIFE! There have been so many exciting things going on on my end that I can't wait to share with each of you (as well as answer some questions / topics you all want to know about). So, why wait? Here we go. As we've been doing, I wanted to start with some quotes that have come in quite handy in my life!

"Faith is the light that guides you through the darkness!"

"Miracles happen everyday!"

"Fear ends where faith begins!" (one of my favorites)

And one I've been using a whole lot the past week: "Live by faith -- one day at a time!"

Sometimes our lives get so busy that we forget what truly matters. I have had some amazing things going on in my life the past two weeks and feel so incredibly blessed. It's easy (as I am guilty of doing) to get caught up in the stress of what's next, or being completely worn out, etc. But once I truly stop, take a deep breath and think about it, I realize that I am so happy to be doing all of this and there is no way I'm going to whine about any of it. :) Here's what's been going on ...

1. Huge announcement by our General Manager, Vickie Guerrero: As I hope all of you watched, Vickie announced a Divas Championship will be brought to SmackDown!!! Our own title (insert scream of excitement here). Yeah, Natalya won the Golden Dreams Match and will be in the final round of the tournament to determine who will be the first ever  Divas Champion! That's OK, though. Some of you have asked if I'm bitter -- NO WAY!!! I'm not bitter; I'm just excited we have some gold to put around our waists. Plus, I've never been one to enjoy things the easy way. I enjoy proving myself (and hope you all continue to stand behind me, showing your love all the way) and have no problem fighting my way to the top. Natalya hasn't been here that long, but she seems to be enjoying a whole lot by doing VERY little. That's OK. That's just not my style! I'm sure she and her "BFF" will try to do all they possibly can to stand in my way. What do I say? I say bring it!!!! It's going to take a lot more than just the two of them to hold me down! :)

2. New submission: Yes, I do have a new heel lock submission that has proven pretty successful in recent weeks! I hope you guys like it. It's just another trick up my sleeve that I can use when I have to. It seems to have worked so far. I just want to make sure I have all bases covered so I can use different moves at any given time. Plus, it's kind of fun to know that once it's locked in, there's absolutely nothing my opponent can do! As for a name ... I'm going to tease this with you guys again (like I did with the Wings of Love). I'll be making the name known very, very soon! :)

3. The Best Darn (as I like to say) Sports Show: I hope you got a chance to watch the show Tuesday night. I had so much FUN! I have been a huge fan of the show and still really can't believe that I was on it. John Cena and Eddie George were guest co-hosts. Man, they all made me feel so comfortable and at ease the entire time. They obviously did some digging and found a picture of me playing junior college softball -- WHOA! All I could do was laugh. I looked like I was five! Despite the picture, that was a case where I was living out a dream. I'm telling you, no dream is too big or too small! Dream big ... you'll be surprised where it will take you!

4. My hero: When I think about it, I have been blessed to have several people in my life that I call a hero! Tonight, Big Show and I are in Los Angeles at the Heroes Choice Awards show where we will be presenting an award to a 10-year-old boy who is a true hero. It's such a huge honor and compliment when someone tells me I'm their hero ... but, why me? What have I done? I'm just a small town girl who enjoys making people happy. Does that make me a hero? I don't know. We all obviously have different reasons as to why someone might be our hero. But tonight, we are blessed to be surrounded by a room full of heroes. This young man, JT Robertson, collected 14,000 (yes thousand) cans to raise money for 84 disadvantaged kids to ride a train for the first time. Now that's a hero ... that's what it's all about! No matter what you do, give it your all. Be the best person you can be. You will realize that making other people happy will make YOU happier than you ever thought possible.

Well, I have to get going now. SmackDown and ECW will be heading to Australia and New Zealand soon, which I am so excited about. Seven shows, seven days, seven different cities ... we're going to be busy, but it will all be worth it. Hope all of you are doing well! Take care and stay tuned it! I love you all!

Remember ... faith to fight the good fight, heart to believe and soul to search within!

Lovin' Life and lovin' you!

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