Lovin' Life, No. 8

Lovin' Life, No. 8

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Hey everyone! Let me start by thanking all of you who sent me birthday wishes. It means a lot! Keep the questions coming and remember: Faith to fight the good fight, heart to believe and soul to search within ... it will get you wherever you want to go!

Lovin' Life!
Michelle McCool

Question: Hi, Michelle, or should I call you Ms. McCool? I would like to say that I really think you are very cool and I look up to you. My mom doesn't like a lot about wrestling, but she likes you because of the "Faith" hat or shirt you wore a few weeks ago. I idolize Trish Stratus and think she is the greatest Women's Champion of all time. Watching you reminds me of her. You seem to have worked very hard to be more than just a pretty face and to prove that you actually can wrestle. So my question is this: Do you ever plan on going for the Women's Championship, and if so, which wrestler (past or present) would you most like to have a title match against?

Michelle McCool: Wow, thanks for the compliments! That is so sweet of you! I think Trish is amazing as well … to compare me to her means a lot to me. Of course, my ultimate goal is to have the Women's Championship around my waist -- hopefully sooner rather than later. I would love to work in the ring with, title or non-title, Molly Holly. I think she is an awesome wrestler whose work I have always admired!! 

Question: Michelle, first off I would like to say I think you are very talented at what you do. I understand you attended FSU. GO NOLES!! I will be attending their branch in Panama City, Fla., to become an elementary school teacher. I just wanted to ask how your college experience was, and what you miss most about Florida. - Greg

Michelle McCool: F-L-O-R-I-D-A … S-T-A-T-E!!!!!!!!!! My college experience was great. Sometimes I wish I would have stayed longer. The thing, without a doubt, that I miss most would be two things actually: I miss playing competitive sports and even more, I miss watching college football!

Question: Hey, it's me Logan again. I loved your new finisher. I'm actually planning on going to OVW to train once I graduate, and I was actually going to have a finisher like that ... that's funny. You planted it so well! What was it like to debut a new finisher in front of the crowd? I liked your outfit, too, the cross thing on the back looked good. I wish WWE would do a Diva trade or something to get you on Raw, because you could be a new contender for the women's title. So good luck to you, and stick with that finisher, it's really unique. - Logan

Michelle McCool: Thanks, Logan!!! I was so excited to debut my new finisher … can't wait to let you guys know what I'm calling it, too. It's pretty devastating, huh? (Victoria better watch out!) I've been getting lots of compliments on my outfits these past several months, so thank you! Ever since I came out of the hospital last November, I knew it would take a lot of faith, heart and soul to get to where I want to be. And to all the other Divas, I don't plan on losing it anytime soon!

Question: Hi, Michelle, I think that you and all of the other wrestlers are really cool. I look up to a lot of you. Are you gonna go with all of them to Iraq when WWE goes there in December? I love watching WWE. You all are amazing. I think what you all do is really cool. Keep up the good work. - Kim

Michelle McCool: Hi, Kim … we get a lot of wonderful opportunities with this awesome job. Iraq is the one thing that I haven't been able to do just yet, and is the absolute one thing that I can't wait to do. The troops do so much for us, it's the least that we can do by going over there to entertain them!

Question: Hello! I just wanted to start out by saying you are my favorite Diva and I just love everything about you! My question for you is what got you interested in WWE? Thanks so much! - Alyssa

Michelle McCool: Hey, Alyssa -- that's an easy one. My pappap (grandfather) and dad have always loved the sport. I can give you two words as to what got me hooked: "Dusty Rhodes!" I went to a live show with the two of them when I was 6 and "The Dream" was there.  Ever since that day, I've been hooked!

Question: How's it going? I'm currently serving in the 173rd Airborne Brigade deployed to Afghanistan. I just wanted to thank you all SOOOOOOOO much for taking time out of your incredibly busy schedule to come and support us all over here fighting! I saw WWE when it came to Afghanistan back in 2005, and I have NEVER had so much fun in my life. It holds an incredibly special place in my heart. My question for you is this: I've seen the WWE Diva division go through some incredible changes the past five years, Divas like Trish, Lita and Molly worked their butts off night after night to make it where it is today, as you all do every time you go out. Do you ladies feel that the women's division has gained more respect because of the hard work, or do you all feel like you're still basically looked at as only eye candy ... which couldn't be further from the truth? - Chad

Michelle McCool: That's a good question, Chad. Once again, thanks for serving our country. You are a true hero! Now to your question. I think that Lita, Trish and Molly definitely gave more credibility to the women's division and I (as a woman) appreciate that so much. I think that the Divas will always, to some extent, be viewed as eye candy. However, I think that little by little we will continue to gain ground and be respected as wrestlers. I hope I can do my part. I can only speak for myself, but I don't mind being called "a babe who likes to get down and dirty in the ring!" (That covers both parts right?)

Do you have questions of your own for Michelle? If so, e-mail her and get your answers!

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