Lovin' Life, No. 7

Lovin' Life, No. 7

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Hey guys! It's that time again. Thanks for all the questions again this week. Remember you gotta have faith to fight the good fight, heart to believe and soul to search within. Lovin' life! ... Michelle McCool

Question: Hey, Michelle. Just want to start off by saying how excellent your performance has been over the past few weeks. You're definitely on your A-Game! For one reason or another, you've been getting your fair share of flack from the Internet community. Everyone seems to have a strong opinion when it comes to Michelle McCool. Often at times, hardcore Michelle fans (we're yet to have a name!), will stick up for you, and then find ourselves in "Web wars." My question is: What advice would you give to your fans when we come across someone who is bashing you online? We want to stick up for you! Essentially, "What Would Michelle Do?" - Josie

Michelle McCool: Hey, Josie! Thanks for the kind words. Saying I'm on my A-game is awesome! I have to disagree with you on this one, only because there's always room for improvement. It sure gives me the motivation I need to continue to improve and please our fans! You're right, all of us get plenty of flack from the Internet community. That, I'm afraid, is never going to go away. They always say for every one person that likes you, there's 100 that don't. I guess the way I look at it (and it took me a long time … about 25 years to be exact) is that we simply can't please everyone. And, you can drive yourself NUTS trying! Advice I would give for the "Web wars" is to "Stand up for what you believe in even if it means standing alone!!!!" I would probably be doing the same thing you are doing. I have no problem standing up for what I believe in, and that's what we all should do. It should just be done in a classy, kind way. I hope that answers your questions. Thanks again for all you do! Take care. 

Question: Hi, Michelle. Would you ever consider posing for Playboy like some of the other Divas have?

Michelle McCool: Hi there … I, like most of the other Divas, get this question often. Though the girls have done some absolutely beautiful, classy shoots with Playboy, it's not for me. For now, I'll be keeping my clothes on.

Question: Hi, Michelle. I live all the way in Australia and you're a great Diva! I was wondering if there are any WWE Australian Tours, because I really want to meet you. Is wrestling fake? Some people say it is and I don't know. I hope your eye gets better!

Michelle McCool: Hi there! I hope we come to Australia soon. It is beautiful there! Is wrestling fake? This is one of those questions that will get just about any Superstar fired-up. We go out there four or five (sometimes more) days a week and put our bodies on the line for our fans. Personally, I have had a broken xiphisternum, two broken ribs, a fractured nose, a sprained wrist and plenty of cuts, bumps and bruises. Saying this, my injuries have been minimal compared to the other guys and girls. There have been tons of knee injuries, broken necks, torn biceps, torn triceps, torn quadriceps … the list goes on. So, hopefully that answers your question. No, wrestling is not fake and I hope all of you guys truly appreciate it!

Question: Hello, Michelle. I think you're an awesome, talented athlete and WWE Diva. Before wrestling, you used to compete in fitness competitions, NPC per se. If it were not for wrestling, would you still be doing fitness? Do you miss performing at that stage? Best wishes to you on your WWE career and keep training hard. - JP

Michelle McCool: Hi, JP. First, thank you for the kind words. Yes, I did do some NPC (National Physique Committee, Inc.) competitions while I was in college. Man, I admire the athletes who do it year around. While I enjoyed performing on that stage, it's not my cup of tea. I think I did it for the challenge more than anything.

Question: Hi, Michelle. I have been watching you since your debut in 2004 when you were with the Raw Diva Search. I have a huge amount of respect for you because you have turned into a mighty fine wrestler. It's great to see you care about wrestling because the women who came before you, the likes of Lita, Trish Stratus and Molly Holly, all worked so hard to get the fans to take women's wresting seriously. My question is, what was it like in the Diva Search? Did you get along with everyone? Was there any drama backstage that we didn't see on television? Keep up the great work Michelle, it's only a matter of time before you have the Women's Title around your gorgeous waist. - Kirk

Michelle McCool: Hi, Kirk. Thanks for even putting me in the same sentence as Lita, Trish and Molly. That is a huge compliment! I promise, I will continue to improve! For me, the Diva Search was just a dream come true. I know a lot of people knock the Diva Search, but it was an opportunity I wasn't going to pass up. If you ever get a chance to go after your dream, you better do it! If you don't do it, someone else will! I got along with everyone backstage in the Diva Search, but yes, there was a little bit of drama between some of the girls (and I'll leave it at that).

Question: Hi, Michelle. I was at the SmackDown/ECW venue in Wilkes-Barre, Pa., on Jan. 8. You are truly an all-American dream to look at. My wife is a beautiful blonde as yourself, and I didn't hesitate to answer when she asked me if I would leave her for you -- if that dream ever came true. I couldn't lie, so she smacked me. I enjoy watching you, as you are a complete perfectionist all the way around. Keep doing what you are doing.

Michelle McCool: Thanks for coming to the show. That's very sweet of you to say, that I'm a dream to look at (I'm blushing now). I'm glad you enjoyed the show! I admire your honesty, but I also admire your wife for slapping you. You deserved it!

Do you have questions of your own for Michelle? If so, e-mail her and get your answers!

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