In Real Life: Lesson Five

In Real Life: Lesson Five

So, I'm back. Did you miss me? Do you wanna kiss me? OK, easy now; it's only a saying. I have received so many e-mails and I love that all of my fans write to me -- even though many of you just write to tell me I stink or question my sexuality. In any case, I am above all that; so, let's get to some really good e-mails. (E-mail me.)


"Tommy" (can ya hear me?) writes:

Hey, Matt. People at school have been talking about you and Big Daddy V; how do you deal with so much fame and popularity? Do you wish that sometimes you could just get away from it all and never have been who you are today? Thanks for your time.

Major Tom, I embrace my position as a role model. Today, many young people have no one to look up to. Sports stars, actors and musicians are constantly in the news for negative behavior.

I tell it like it is. I stay after every show and spend time with young people and tell them they don't have to like school; they just have to try their best. I like to talk with kids, not at them. It makes a difference. I encourage everyone to communicate and be kind to one another.

I truly believe I am in the position that I am for a reason. I don't know what that is; maybe it is as simple as entertaining people. All I know is that I wouldn't trade my spot for the world and, deep down, you wouldn't want me to, either.

"Steven" asks:
People in my school call me names and take the mick out of me because I am different, and this makes me very angry. What should I do?

I've always been different. All of my life, I have been an outcast in one way or another. You have to understand that people are afraid of things that are different. Don't let these kids get you down. I am sure you're a great person with a ton of love and talent -- use that!

Different is beautiful. Look around at people you know. How many are trying to be different? You're blessed; you are different without effort.

Don't pay another second of worry. Do your thing and let them "hate." Trust me, no good will come from worrying.

"Ricky" (don't lose that number) wants to know:
What do you think of video games such as Guitar Hero, or the new Rock Band? How about games that boost the brain, like Brain Age?

Growing up, I played a lot of sports video games. I have always liked the EA sports games, personally.

I remember as a kid, some games I loved to play were: RBI Baseball, Baseball Stars, Tecmo Bowl, Double Dribble, Blades of Steel, Ring King, Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!, Karnov, Contra, Mega Man, NBA Jam, Tag Team Wrestling, Pro Wrestling and all the WWE wrestling games.

I had several systems, including ColecoVision ("Turbo" was awesome) and the original Nintendo along with Sega Genesis, as well. I haven't played Guitar Hero much, but as a guitar player, I imagine it is more fret hand intensive. Again, I'm not too familiar with the game.

Video games do wonders for hand-eye coordination, so there are some benefits. Brain Age and the memory games for Nintendo are great. I think it is important for manufacturers to realize the popularity of video games and create games that are productive.

I remember as a boy, my mother and I would play endless games of chess, Connect Four and Chinese checkers. I'll take those games and that time with my mom over any video game -- EVER.

"Bubba" chimes in with:
So, what kind of TV do you like?

Hey, Big Bubba Rogers (hope you get that reference). I enjoy a lot of television programs and when I have a chance to watch them, I am very happy. I will admit that I love Family Guy, The Simpsons and Robot Chicken. I also enjoy Curb Your Enthusiasm, as well as How I Met Your Mother and Big Bang Theory. Everyone Loves Raymond is written well, as is Scrubs. I enjoy shows such as CSI and Monk, as well. I'm not big into Law & Order, which is sad because it seems to be on every channel at every hour!!! And, anything on VH1 Classic is always a plus.

I watch a ton of political shows such as Hannity & Colmes and Meet the Press. And of course, all kidding aside, I truly love WWE programming -- how can you not?!

"Alex" (Lifeson? Van Halen?) wants to know my thoughts on:

What do you think about today's media? Some people say that it's fair; others say that it is all lies to make us scared and other people have mixed feelings. I was just wondering what your opinion about the media would be. Thanks so much for reading.

Great question, Alex. Most media is biased; plain and simple. Countless times, liberal agendas have been exposed. Whether it be CBS and Dan Rather fabricating stories about the Iraq war before the 2004 election to attempt to push George Bush out of Office, or CNN for blatant perjury, the media is riddled with holes, to say the least.

I used to encourage my students to seek alternative forms of news, variant publications and Internet sites which can offer a more direct approach -- as can international news.

The U.S. media is so slanted; it is ridiculous. Most media outlets are liberal democrat and will slant the news to their favor. This isn't to say that many right-wing Republican stations don't do the same, but they are more inclined to put out both sides, as opposed to only their own.

Seek the truth on your own and don't take anything for face value when it comes to the news.

"Jamie's" (Cryin') shows beauty and brains with this one:

Good evening, Matt. My question is with the Presidential election coming up, who are you backing? Whom do you see as the person who can lead us as a nation? Have a safe and blessed holiday. P.S. You are by far my favorite wrestler and I hope you return to the ring soon. You are too talented to stand behind others.
As most people know, I am a very politics-oriented young man. For a long time, I backed conservative Republicans due to their views on family values and national defense. I strongly believe that the concept of family, gender roles and social responsibility has been lost in this nation as a result of the direction the 1960s took its generation.

We used to live in a time when people understood the importance of family and the responsibility of raising our children to be accountable -- both socially and morally. Look around today. The "family" as we once knew it is almost extinct. Liberal-minded approaches to society and government are directly to blame.

Everyone screams how they don't like Bush, but can they tell you why? No. They only quote the news or their parents. Americans don't have their own opinions anymore. We are so afraid of offending someone that we have sacrificed our own mind -- just for the sake of political correctness.

Lately, I have been exposed more and more to the libertarian party and really find their position on government, domestic economy and other issues very interesting and current. You should check them out because there are issues that will directly affect us in the coming years. Health care and national debt are two looming issues -- do you hear any viable plans for these issues?

Do you realize that we still occupy bases in Japan and Germany that we occupied more than 60 years ago? Everyone is so concerned with Iraq; what about America here at home?

With that all said, as of now, I like Fred Thompson and Mitt Romney on the Republican side and Joe Biden on the Democratic side.

The last few debates on the Democratic side have focused only on Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. But, if you listen to Biden's message, he is a good candidate. Hillary Clinton doesn't stand a chance. She has been exposed as a liar and an economic cheat countless times, but you will be hard-pressed to find it in today's liberal media. Search her Whitewater dealings in 1998 and you will see. She is not experienced enough to be a leader -- especially in these times. She is a true politician who caters to special interest groups and has had numerous shady dealings. She is worse than her husband! He was impeached -- does anyone recall that?!

One candidate to really take notice of is Ron Paul. Paul has a great campaign, great economic vision and is really gaining steam. Let's hope he doesn't go the route of Howard Dean's steam in 2004 and fizzle out before the election. I encourage you to research him.

Search out the candidates for yourself. Don't just listen to me, the news, your teachers or your parents. Tell me who you like and why.

"Jade" boogies in with:
Hey, Striker. What's up ? Do you like dancing? If yes, what type?

I will admit -- and any girlfriend I have ever had will tell you -- I am a terrible dancer. I always feel so stupid doing something like dancing -- which is crazy because when I have a guitar in my hands, I move around the floor like James Brown. I guess I have to have an instrument on my person in order to feel the music.

I dance in my car and when no one is around all the time (Shhh). The other day, I was grooving hard to Andy Gibb -- hope no one saw. But, these days, dancing makes me think of Boogeyman and I don't like that.

On that note, I'm about to "bounce," as the kids like to say, but before I go … It is Christmas and this is the time when everyone seems to be a littler nicer (yet, come the first week in January, we go back to being our selfish selves).

Please, I am begging you, try to keep this feeling you have in your hearts for as long as you can. You will be surprised how far a little kindness can go in making someone's day a little better.

For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled,
and he who humbles himself will be exalted.
Yes, I am with you ALWAYS.

                                      - Jesus Christ

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