In Real Life: Lesson Three

In Real Life: Lesson Three

As you ease back from your tryptophan induced lethargy, allow me, Matt Striker, to ease your ills. In the words of the immortal witch from the Woody Woodpecker cartoons "... and away we go."

An unnamed young lady asks:

Dear Matt Striker, WWE is my life and I want to be a WWE Diva when I get older. Everyone in my life knows that, but my parents don't want to accept the fact that I want to wrestle. They have always seen me as a "smart girl" and want me to achieve "better things than wrestling."

To make a long story short ... basically, I have no support to follow my dreams from the people that are supposed to be the ones that say FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS. So I was wondering if you have any advice on my situation, especially from someone that always says you MUST follow your dreams.

These are YOUR dreams, no one else's! Your parents only want the best for you. They want you to get an education so that you can provide for yourself. Once you achieve that, then all they want is for you to be happy. Get an education, finish school and then BY ALL MEANS pursue the dream of being one of the Sexiest (and most powerful) Women on Television.

I always tell young ladies interested in wrestling to look at one of the most successful females in our sport's history, Stephanie McMahon. She is a college graduate and extremely self-sufficient and educated. She is the perfect mixture of brains and beauty. I bet you her parents (Mr. and Mrs. McMahon) demanded that she to go to college before pursuing her dream. This is out of love, not for lack of faith.

WWE is filled with educated and wise people who chose this great sport as a way to have a legacy and to entertain millions and millions of people worldwide. Again, your dreams are YOURS! Follow them, regardless of whom or what stands in your way -- but get an education first.

"Ben" writes:

Mr. Striker, how come we don't see you actively wrestling as much as we used to? I think you're great as a manager for Big Daddy V... but why haven't you seen action? P.S. We at Cardozo miss ya!!!!

Well, Benny boy, you see, I am smart (that we all know) and if I can have someone do my bidding for me, doesn't that make me just as successful? Big Daddy V is my ticket to the top and once we are there, then I shall unfurl my master plan. Until then, I am saving my incredible abilities for exactly the right time. If you ask me, having my skull rattled by Kane's big boot or my spine jarred by a chokeslam, or even worse, my gullet stuffed with worms by Boogeyman is enough action for me.

"Mah" writes: 

Hey, Matt. What's up? I just want to tell you that WWE has many fans here in Egypt and for me, you're one of my favorite Superstars. I believe you have great charisma and in-ring skills as well. But maybe we need to see you in action more -- and what's your finishing move now?

What's up, Mah? I can holla at you? (I have no idea what that means; I just used to hear all of my students say it.) Thank you for the kind words. It seems a lot of people miss seeing me in wrestling action but again, I have a plan. As far as my "finisher," it is called BIG DADDY V -- and no one gets up!

"Jake" ponders:

Hey, Matt, my favorite teacher. First of all, I'd like to thank you for mentioning William Regal's book. I read it quite some time ago and loved every bit of it. Very few people ever note that book. To me, it's one of the best to come out of wrestling, and as an Englishman myself, I enjoyed it on another level due to the little private jokes hidden within. I was wondering if you would ever write a book or, more to the point, what goals do you feel need be achieved before putting pen to paper?
Cheerio, ole chap. I'll have you know you deserve a right pillocking for your awful punctuation in that letter! After some bodging and cobbling, I've decided to play "Agony Aunt" and have a bash at your query. I know many of you won't understand my lingo because I am using British slang to answer my gentleman friend. I love the British culture which lends itself to my affinity for people such as William Regal, Dave Taylor and the Fighting Irishman, Finlay.

In any event, to address the question: Will I ever write a book? I am currently in the midst of three separate novels. One is a political fiction book that looks at the possibilities of exaggerated tensions between an increasingly liberal Western hemisphere and the increasing economic globalization of the East.
The second book is, in fact, my life story of how I arrived in WWE and my experiences thus far. Needless to say, there is much more to write in that one.

The last book is one better left unsaid.

I encourage you all, if you have a story, to tell it! Jot down your daily experiences, keep a journal or a list of funny, sad or shocking things you encounter in your life. It may be interesting not only to you, but to others as well.
"Lance" begs for my advice:

I was wondering if you could give me advice as to other workout routines.

Well "Sword" (get it? Lance … sword?? hahaha), umm yea, working out is only half the battle. So many people tend to overlook diet and, more importantly, sleep! Our bodies recover and build during rest. You can lift 500 pounds and if you don't sleep, it will be worthless.

Approach your workouts with patience and look to slowly increase either your weight or your reps. Try to switch up exercises every four to six weeks so your body doesn't get too used to your usual movements. The exercises you loathe to do are the ones that will work best. Also, look to work out to your specifics. If you are a soccer player, for instance, then agility and speed exercises will suit you more than a bulking routine.

There was a great article in either FLEX or some other magazine where Bobby Lashley outlined a great midsection core workout with a straight bar for trunk twists and a medicine ball for figure eight trunk rotations. There is so much information available on this subject. Just remember to go slow and be patient. Hard work always pays off. Good luck!

Finally, "Nick" would like to know:

Hey, I need your help. I want to prove to people that I am tough and not just a pushover. Help me let my tough side out and stand up to anyone. Thanks.

By all means, stand up for what you believe in and for your honor. Let me ask you: What is tough? The person who fights all the time or the person who walks away and forgives? What is harder to do?

There is a time and a place where there is no choice but to fight and that is when you or someone you love's life or well being is on the line. Beating someone up doesn't make you a man at all. The way you carry yourself is crucial. Some people simply command respect by carrying their head high and looking everyone in the eye. Kindness is NOT weakness. It is the truly tough ones who can walk away and remain cool. 

If you are having problems with bullies and walking away isn't working, then I promise you, you will only need to stand up for yourself one time before they realize you are not a pushover. A man is measured by how he treats the people in his life, not by how many people whose life he takes.

I look forward to more questions and please give me the hard ones, the really pressing issues in your life. I am here to make your lives better. Contact Matt Striker now.

The road of life is rocky and you may stumble too,
So while you point your fingers someone else is judging you...
Love your brother man!

                               - Bob Marley, "Could You Be Loved"
Wolves at my door wised up quick. 
Turn here and gone -- from on the go. 
Seems the old folks who come up short
Were the pretty little kids who didn't want it, no.
                              - Van Halen, "Light Up the Sky"

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