In Real Life: Lesson Nine

In Real Life: Lesson Nine

"So, here we are, all of us standing around. We're leaning heavy on each other, always wondering what is it that lies behind the worried eyes of one another ..."

I cannot tell you how fortunate and thankful I am to be a part of the greatest sport and the greatest form of entertainment in the entire world — professional wrestling!
All of my life, from the time I bonded with my father, through all the awkward social situations that it has gotten me through, professional wrestling is truly one of the most exciting, emotional and bejeweled spectacles across this earth!
Whether WE as fans realize it or not, WE witnessed two of the GREATEST WRESTLING MATCHES OF ALL-TIME at this past WRESTLEMANIA.
Many people argue as to what are the greatest matches of all-time. In fact, I invite you to write in with your suggestions and reasons why. A great match should be an emotional roller coaster — plain and simple. (Contact Matt Striker now)
Some say matches with the likes of Pat O'Connor, Danny Hodge, Buddy Rogers and Lou Thesz are amongst the greats. Still, others argue as to more recent competitors such as Ricky Steamboat or Bret Hart or even International Superstars such as Santo, Sayama or Tenryu.
Regardless of where you stand in the generations of wrestling fans, you must now add two matches to your list:
RIC FLAIR vs. SHAWN MICHAELS — What an emotional contest!!
I stood in the crowd, hidden, of course, and watched two of the greatest performers of ALL-TIME create a masterpiece. I cheered, I cried and in the end, I said out loud, not caring who heard or saw me, "I love wrestling!" The entire ENTERTAINMENT world — not just wrestling — owes a huge thank you to these two athletes for pouring their hearts out for our entertainment.
As if that were not enough, as the night grew dark and the atmosphere changed we as wrestling fans witnessed one of the greatest matches to ever take place: UNDERTAKER vs. EDGE.
Who can honestly say they weren't out of their seats by the middle of the match and still standing long after it ended? Say what you will about Edge -- WrestleMania cemented his name amongst the greatest of all time with his amazing effort against arguably the greatest in ring performer of all time, Undertaker.
Can you recall anyone giving The Phenom such a contest as Edge had done?
                THANK YOU SHAWN
                THANK YOU EDGE
                THANK YOU UNDERTAKER …
for pouring your spirit, your passion, your desire and your bodies out for all of the world to enjoy. Because of these men, and everyone who participated in one of the greatest WrestleManias of all-time, we can all say, "I love Wrestling!!" 
 OK, onto your thoughts:

"Anonymous" writes: 


"The sun will always rise. This too, shall pass."

I am 21 years old and in my senior year of college. I am a triple major (sports management, fitness management and applied health sciences) with a double minor (women's studies and communications), all while maintaining a 3.7 GPA. I work a full-time and part-time job, own a four bedroom/four bathroom home, my own car and will be the first in my family to graduate from college. YET, that quote changed my life ...

Long story short: one year ago, I let my lifelong best friend move in with me. Her then boyfriend cheated on her and wound up getting that girl pregnant. I allowed her to move in with me while she got everything in order. Through this transition, I had my boyfriend of seven years living with me as well. I now had two non-working adults living in my home. However, I was OK with that for the simple fact that I am a strong believer in Jesus Christ and God. I believe that only the non-sinner and pure are allowed to cast the first stone and judge.

With that being said, my best friend came to me two weeks ago, informing me she was pregnant. However, the icing on the cake was that my boyfriend was the father. I didn't get mad, swear, or raise my voice. I just told them both to get out. I have since broken ties with both of them saying: "I want to forgive you, which I do. I also want to forget you, which I have."

Anyways, today that saying popped into my head. I ended up text messaging it to another girlfriend and writing it on the whiteboard in my kitchen. It's true: The sun does rise, and the hurt does pass. Oddly enough, this is the first time I have ever e-mailed a complete stranger. I just wanted to tell you that and if you are the guy you appear to be in your blogs, DON'T EVER CHANGE! You are a reminder that there are still quality people — MEN — out there. Take Care, God Bless-

Well my dear, it seems that the immortal words of my grandpa "Mickey" ring ever so true almost a year after his passing. Look, I'll be honest — "ish" happens — it all depends on how you take it. I think something great is waiting for you.
If you need a boyfriend, let me know ... Big Daddy's available.

"James" from Saugas, Mass. writes:

Hey bro, going to any concerts this summer?

OK, bro? I'm sorry, last time I checked we are not related.
As far as concerts: YES!! I am excited to see, VAN HALEN, RUSH, ERIC CLAPTON, BROTHER ALI, BILLY JOEL, THE DOOBIE BROTHERS and a few others this summer.

"Rachel" from Valley Stream, N.Y. loves me so much to ask:

You are seriously the nicest dressed guy I have ever seen. So damn sexy. What is it?!

Hey, Rachel, what's up? Ya know, Valley Stream isn't too far from my summer home in Long Beach. As far as clothing, I must say I have had some help along the way from stylish girlfriends to a Dad in the fashion industry. My "look" took some time to perfect:
I like a good suit. The pattern and cut of the suit is important for me because of the way I am built. I am not the tallest man in the world, yet I have very broad shoulders and thick arms, so I need my suits custom cut.
I like a crisp shirt. Colors are variable because I am fortunate to have great blue eyes that really pop with certain shirts.
The tie is where it all rests though. With a pinstripe suit I prefer a paisley or patterned tie. I try to stay away from stripes on stripes unless it REALLY works. Lately, I have been into the pocket scarf to add an accent to the ensemble.
Lets not forget the shoes. I have serious shoe issues. I always prefer a shoe with a bit of a heel for some "leverage," and finding comfortable shoes in that category are hard to come by. I am very into the wine-colored shoe lately, and have also found some "zip back" shoes that are quite comfortable and impressive.
One cannot complete a suit without great accessories. I have several different rosary-themed necklaces, that although you cannot see — are always there.
Finally, the timepiece. I am a fan of a nice watch and always match my watches to my suits.
As far as casually, I'm a jeans and t-shirt kid all the way! 

I have never paid attention to fashion when it came to casual trends. Never had a Von Dutch or Benetton item, don't own Affliction and I think Ed Hardy is related to Matt.
I like cool t-shirts, though. All kidding aside, I really wear the new HBK, RKO, Triple H and Undertaker shirts when I go out. I also like to wear comic book tees. I have a great SECRET WARS cover shirt that is awesome. Finally, I always support my favorite bands/music with apparel that touts their greatness.
You can find me in a LYNRD SKYNRD t-shirt or a RUSH shirt any day of the week. I am known for wearing FENDER and ZILDJIAN (guitar and drum) shirts as well.
I usually wear a baseball hat — either a ST. LOUIS CARDINALS or N.Y. RANGERS hat or, and I'm not lying —  a JOHN CENA or WRESTLEMANIA hat as well...
I'm really nerdy, but I'm really cute — and girls agree — so I don't care!
Remember, it's not what you wear, it's who you are.  And I'm, well, pretty awesome.

OK. I'm going to go play with my new laptop and iPod ... until we meet again:

So don't wait for someone to tell you it's too late
Cuz these are the best days
There's always something tomorrow
So I say let's make the best of tonight
Here comes the rest of our lives ...


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