Matt Striker's Wrestling Lesson of the Week for 9/26/07

Matt Striker's Wrestling Lesson of the Week for 9/26/07

 Welcome back, my students, to part two of my lesson on Great Wrestling Nicknames. (Read part one

Let's "jump" into it shall we:
L - Coming in for the letter "L" Is "Leaping" Lanny Poffo. I have been compared to this self-serving Superstar many times due to his other nickname, "The Genius," but suffice to say before he was brilliant, he was Leaping.

The brother of "Macho Man" Randy Savage, Lanny decided to keep his family's last name and honor the legacy of his father, Angelo Poffo. Lanny went on to great things in professional wrestling while carrying his family name and escaping the shadow of his controversial and multi-talented brother.
M - The letter "M" has many options, but the best suited nickname that embodies all that this great sport has to offer belonged to a man by the name of Tim Woods, otherwise known as "Mr. Wrestling." This nickname says it all, and although many after him have adopted the name, no one was a true pioneer of its personification more than Tim Woods. When mentioning "Mr. Wrestling," we must address the man who came after Tim Woods, the great "Mr. Wrestling 2." Please students look these men up. By the power of the knee lift, I command you!
N - Let us recognize the great pioneers of tag team wrestling and the purveyor of WWE developmental territories -- and the man responsible for giving us John Cena, Batista, Randy Orton and countless others: "Nightmare" Danny Davis! Davis is a great mind and a true wrestling icon. His passion is unmatched both as a trainer and a great tag team wrestler. The Nightmares were a great tag team who had the unenviable task of relaying expression while being hidden underneath a mask! Many of you can't convey emotion with your face, mouth and every other tool allotted to you; try doing it with just your heart and body!!
We cannot do the letter "N" without arguably the greatest moniker in wrestling; "Nature Boy." Originally coined for Buddy Rogers with his platinum blond hair and chicanerous ways, the name "Nature Boy" has become synonymous with treachery and awe. Many fans of today associate the term with the one and only "Nature Boy" Ric Flair. Still, to this day -- and for all days that will follow -- whenever someone hears the words "Nature Boy," they will invariably "Whoo!" and fix their hair. I know I do! Then I like to strut and roll on the floor!!

O - I am sitting here shaking my head because I don't feel that I should have to give you all the answers! Why don't you e-mail me with a great nickname that starts with the letter "O"? Let's see how well your knowledge stacks up against mine...

P - The letter "P" is a fun letter on its own, but as it pertains to great wrestling nicknames, so many come to mind:

"Precious" for legendary manager and mastermind of the Legion of Doom, Paul Ellering. A former power-lifter-turned-wrestler, then manager and avid follower of finance (as evident by his ever-present Wall Street Journal), Ellering brought the wrestling world one of its greatest gifts: Hawk and Animal, the Road Warriors!

Ellering played an integral part in the Legion of Doom's rise through the ranks and collection of tag team titles. Did you know the Road Warriors are the only team to hold the AWA, NWA and World Tag Team Titles? Of course you didn't! Here's a trivia question: What was the first tag team title the Legion of Doom ever held, and whom did they defeat to earn it?

Other "P" nicknames that carry great weight -- no pun intended -- are: "Playboy" for the portly Portland pontificator and master of the one-armed push-up, "Playboy" Buddy Rose. My personal favorite "P" nickname belongs to an obscure wrestler by the name of "Porkchop" Cash.  Anyone nicknamed Porkchop HAS to be good!!

Q - Moving on to the letter "Q," we must recognize the women of our sport. Many great heroines have worn the crown and the nickname "Queen." No other two women embraced the meaning of this nickname more than the late, great Sherri Martel and the current queen of sports-entertainment, Queen Sharmell. Sharmell is a former beauty queen and a talented wrestler and dancer. Along with being beautiful, she is extremely brilliant -- a quality that I admire in a woman.

Another apt "Q" nickname belongs to "QuickDraw" Rick McGraw. McGraw's speed and charisma made him a rising fan-favorite in the WWWF in the early 1980s. His rivalry with the Masked Superstar is very entertaining and worth the research alone.

R - Finally, we get to the letter "R." No other name comes to mind more than the icon himself, "Rowdy" Roddy Piper. My personal issues aside (see June 26 edition of ECW on Sci Fi), Piper is indeed a legend in this business and is the sole reason for the man you see on television today known as Matt Striker. Piper's ability to talk people into the seats is unmatched. Roddy Piper carved his niche and earned the nickname "Rowdy" from San Francisco to New York City and everywhere in between. If you do not know your "Rowdy" Roddy Piper history, then you don't know wrestling.

Most importantly, it is an honor that I am compared to the "Rowdy" one, and often referred to as a modern day Roddy Piper. Alas, there can only be one Roddy Piper and only one Matt Striker…your teacher.

Stay tuned for part three of this special lesson and pay attention to your assignments: Nicknames for the letter "O" and the Road Warriors' first tag team titles. I await your e-mails!

Until next time, whatever you call the people around you -- make sure you mean it!

"It seems decorating was a senseless idea when only the blind lonely prince resides here. We dine on a balanced diet; ego when it's loud and self- hatred when it's quiet. Kindly watch your step- because the silence isn't finished being awkward -- yet."
                                                                                                -Brother Ali

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