Matt Striker's Wrestling Lesson of the Week for 8/28/07

Matt Striker's Wrestling Lesson of the Week for 8/28/07

As a lad, I went to SummerSlam in New York in the late 1980s. My second oldest sister worked for a cable satellite provider and presented my father and I with passes for an autograph signing before the matches. 

It was there that I met Shawn Michaels, Marty Jannetty and Dusty Rhodes — whom my father stopped and made it a point to tell that he was, in fact, his favorite.

This past Sunday, I was at SummerSlam again, same building, same boy, same feeling.

I was part of the very same type of Superstar autograph session that I had attended as a child years ago. I have to say that I really enjoy meeting the fans and talking to them and taking pictures. My favorite type of fan is one who has a passion for wrestling such as I do.

After a few hours I sat down to watch the matches. The best part of the show was what the sign on the front of the arena said: WRESTLING!

I want to discuss Rey Mysterio vs. Chavo Guerrero.

Many people looked to contests like CENA vs. ORTON to steal the show — but outside of the return of The Game, Mysterio vs. Guerrero usurped the evening!

You know — those two names, Mysterio and Guerrero have been coupled in that same regard for quite some time. Only the Guerrero was Eddie.

Chavo Guerrero stepped into a different realm at SummerSlam. He excelled as high as any Guerrero before him and THAT IS A FEAT UNTO ITSELF!

I thoroughly enjoyed this match — as a fan! I marveled at Mysterio's silver mask and ensemble. It evoked images of the Great EL SANTO!!

EL SANTO is the most famous wrestler in Mexico's rich lucha history. Clad in pristine white with his signature, pure white mask— El SANTO or The Saint — for you ignoramuses who only speak one language. 

**By the way, it was once said that people who think the plural of ignoramus is ignorami are ignorant to the fact it is actually ignoramuses.**

Anyway, SANTO was and is a god in wrestling history!

Before HULK HOGAN, STONE COLD, THE ROCK and JOHN CENA, Santo was selling out arenas, making movies and entertaining an entire nation through passion and power! His lucha moveset and ability to stir the hearts of so many —- from underneath a mask — made EL SANTO a fighter for everyone. People believed in "The Saint." People believed in the quest for good over evil, people believed in life! 

As I do today.

To further the notion, SANTO's son — El HIJO DEL SANTO continued the tradition as a second-generation representative of the lucha culture as Chavo Guerrero and Rey Mysterio do to this very day!

The grace and poise that Rey and Chavo displayed at SummerSlam reminded me of my wonder and inhalation of the lucha style and many of its greats, such as... EL SANTO!

I hope you are smiling the way that I am. We, as a wrestling society, have been treated to some of the contemporary greats, engaging in the their most deliberate movements ever.

I am thankful for our heroes and our Superstars!

(I know you're all thankful for me, Matt Striker.......

your teacher).

Grace is but glory begun,
and glory is but grace perfected.
                       - Edwards

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