Matt Striker's Wrestling Lesson of the Week for 7/16/07

Matt Striker's Wrestling Lesson of the Week for 7/16/07

There is an old saying, "I've taught you everything you know but not everything that I know." That adage applies here exponentially!!

Since you know "hip" phrases and advanced maneuvers, your step has a touch more bounce to it as you gallivant about, making the town.

Alas, you see, one day you will boast just a bit too loud, you will shake just a bit too much on the wrong block, and you will smile just a tad too wide. For you feel that you know it all, or even some, ridiculously enough; you don't know anything at all. At all....

You don't have the slightest clue what it is that you are pretending to be doing, do you!?!?  No, you don't.

Come here child, this boy has words for you. Gather close and fold your legs, for I will weave a capture for you the likes you have never seen.

Would you like to walk with quiet dignity? Would you like to forego the need to be remotely concerned with anyone else's matters? Then learn with me.

TRUST ME when I tell you that having knowledge makes you the biggest, strongest, longest, fastest, most formidable person in the room. Think about it. Think about how I manipulate every situation and ease in and out of quagmires. I know I am the biggest, best, and most humbled. That comes from confidence and knowledge.

A great man who executed such stride was the late Gino Hernandez.

Think Ralph Macchio meets Randy Orton, throw in a touch of Scott Baio and Johnny Nitro, and you have Gino Hernandez.

A great, young, brash star out of World Class Wrestling in the mid ‘70s to early ‘80s, Hernandez was doing things that were years ahead of his time.

The reason I chose Hernandez is for the impact he made on Texas and the entire wrestling world when he turned on his teacher, Jose Lothario. (Incidentally, it is Lothario who is responsible for giving the world arguably the greatest performer our sport has ever known, The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels!)

Gino felt that he had exhausted all of Lothario's lessons and sought out to go it alone. Hernandez used clever tactics, wit and charm to defeat opponents, much to the chagrin of Lothario.

Eventually the cocky young kid and the "square" teacher tangled. Two years of fighting resulted in shaved heads, burnt wrestling gear and a watering of sweat and blood that would go on to produce one of the most talked about "flowers" in the wrestling garden.

Hernandez wasn't done yet.

Gino Hernandez spent much of the late ‘70s early ‘80s being better looking, smarter, and more naturally talented than almost everyone he came across. Hmmm  … sounds like... In any event, he spent time carving his legacy against great World Class stars such as Brian Adias, Scott Casey, and Iceman King Parsons, to name only a few.

Hernandez was destined for greatness and you could see it on his face.

Gino was responsible for bringing longtime Dusty Rhodes associate, Baby Doll (at the time under the guise "Andrea," a play off of Andre the Giant's global fame) to the Texas wrestling fans in a wildly entertaining situation with the uber popular Von Erich boys and their lady friend, Stella Mae French.

The Von Erichs were "John Cena-esque," and if I need to go into who the Von Erichs are, then you really shouldn't even be looking in my general direction, nonetheless, hoping to know me.

Gino would later align himself with Gentleman Chris Adams and the two would wreak havoc on Texas wrestling for several years. Wrestling in stadiums like the enormous Cotton Bowl against the top names of the day such as the aforementioned Von Erichs and of course, The Fabulous Freebirds!

Hernandez was as loved as much as he was hated. Interesting how names such as Hernandez and Roddy Piper always carry the tag "the man you love to hate." I like that. Sounds like ...

Gino Hernandez would always find a way to come out on top. Gino understood that a win sometimes doesn't come in the ring, it comes in the mind. Sensing a trend? Hernandez would often "snip a bit of manhood" from his opponents -- and it showed.

If you can live inside of someone's head, they can never beat you ... or themselves.

In a few short years, Gino Hernandez managed to cement himself in the annals of wrestling history.

His confidence, his ability and his God-given talent made Gino Hernandez a TRUE superstar.

Think of all the personalities you know of. Think about who walks into a room and overshadows everyone else who is TRYING to play the role. Obscures everyone's failed attempts at what is SUPPOSED to be cool and desirable.

To know the way of Gino Hernandez gives you that "Matt Striker way," for that is who I am influenced by, among a slew of others.

It gives you the confidence to know that you are the best in the building.

                                              - Ritchie
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