Matt Striker's Word of the Week for 7/5/07

Matt Striker's Word of the Week for 7/5/07

After this week, I think we will take a different direction in class. I feel the need to educate ALL of you on the great history of our sport. There are so many of you who have never heard of -- or -- seen great athletes such as Buzz Sawyer or Eddie Gilbert, and frankly, that's a shame.

If anyone reading this has no idea who Billy Robinson or Les Thornton is, then you should be ashamed! You call yourself a student? You call yourself a fan? You call yourself a wrestler? Well, you don't wanna know what I call you!

It's times like these that I turn to words. Because they are so wonderful, and the right word is like sweet sugar. (Sweet Brown Sugar? Skip Young? Is ANYONE getting this!?!)

So again, I turn to some "sayers" to quell my attitude. If you have learned ANYTHING at all from these past few months' lessons on lyric and poetry, then I strongly suggest you seek out these artists further on your own.

You owe it to yourself to look for Sean Daly and Jason Newman, amongst others -- seek them out under their pen names and listen to them!

It will help you exponentially.
(Which is our Word of the Week. Apparently, I have to point out the exact word for you.)


I love my home so much
but Ive strayed away from my backyard to drift some more
Last week woke up in Texas next to a liquor store
With a woman who doesn't even drink alcohol
Big letters: "IRONY" tagged on the wall.

She was named for another flat land
I guess I had a stronger back- back then
In common, we had a bond
That would never see the break of dawn
Dont wanna miss the sunset
too busy worryin about whats been goin on...

Yes, Ive headed out west
and got undressed
With the nurture that it gave me
which made me trip and get obsessed

There was a lady in Los Angeles
who handled this
the way that the manual brandishes
She turned on  music that I never heard before
She told stories from a cup that I haven't leaned to pour

Found a hollow hole in the buffalo's snow
It's like I follow anywhere that el Diablo go
Took a stroll with the canine
sat silent while the snow flakes fell and made a design

Can't let her dance up on top of the top floor
Been there- done that
What'd you think the door was locked for?

I've lost more to my traveling soul then I care to talk about
so I'll be out
before the obstacles become impossible
There's a thin line between gossip and gospel...( how profound is that )!??

Who me? I keep faith in my suitcase, packed between my beliefs
Angels DO exist, I've even seen some sleep...

Just look around you-there are angels amongst us...

Fly, fly away....

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