Matt Striker's Poem of the Week

Matt Striker's Poem of the Week

Hello my beatniks and minstrels. Welcome back. Now I hope with our new advances into poetry that many of you have not rushed out and grown awkward facial hair and begun to wear questionable headgear that you obtained from some French Legionnaire's haberdashery!

Please! The truest poets, the most profound of pundits, never stray from his or her own self.

Do not TRY to become art, let it become you.

Let's take a look at Ohio native J.H. Keenan (extra credit for his nickname).

Feel free to take ANY word in this entry, and look it up, and embrace it and use it in everyday speech. Take from these works not one, nor two, yet even three great strings of letters woven together called "words." Discover them. Get to know and appreciate them.

For there is no more invigorating feeling than that of when your brain is pumping and firing on all cylinders, and you are in command of your thought processes and flow of words from your brain to your mouth. The feel of every word you choose being the perfect vehicle to describe your vision and emotion. ...Ahhh words. ...

With that in mind, notice how Keenan uses great examples of consonance as well as assonance. (Not the type of Assonance you're used to, either!)

The entire work is a real "euphony," and I encourage you to pursue this work and learn more.

Now for this week's submission (Ouch!):

3 Libras

Threw unto you the obvious
and you flew away with it on your back
Now merely a name in your recollection
Down among a million, or so they say:

Difficult enough to feel a little bit
disappointed and passed over.
When I've looked right through,
to see you naked and oblivious.....yet you don't see me....

Well I threw unto you the obvious,
just to see if there's more behind the
eyes of a fallen angel.....
whom eyes a tragedy.

Perhaps, here I am expecting just a little bit
too much from the wounded?

But I see,
I see through it all,
See through,
and see you.

Well, oh well...

Apparently there's nothing.
Apparently, nothing at all.

Ahhh quite refreshing. Now I encourage you to create - in any manner - just create. Tell me about it.

I look forward to your responses!!

"Humanity can be quite cold to those whose eyes see the world differently."
                              - Burns 

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