Matt Striker's Word of the Week for 9/26/06

Hello, students. It is I, your teacher, Matt Striker, and I am here to enlighten you with another session of aerobics for the mind.

Last week, we discussed inculcate, the only possible method of cultivating a vacant cranium like that of the Sandman. This week's word takes on a much more positive connotation. This week's word:

Benevolent [be-nev-o-lent] -- marked by or disposed to doing good

As in, "the chronically inebriated Sandman is anything but benevolent." Let me reiterate in more simplified terms. One who is benevolent is a contributor, a benefactor, a giver. One who is benevolent provides good for society. If a police officer asks, let's say, Sandman, to pull his vehicle to the side of the road because he was driving at a rate that is excessive to the speed limit while under the influence of giggle water, that bureaucrat is a benevolent public servant for administering a safe roadway without precarious, inebriated drivers.

And with that, my students, class is dismissed for now, but remember to visit again next week after ECW on Sci Fi for another didactic lesson from me… Matt Striker… your benevolent teacher.


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