Matt Striker's Word of the Week for 9/19/06

Hello, my students. It is I, your teacher, Matt Striker, and I am here to edify you with the always much anticipated Word of the Week. I adamantly encourage you to pay close attention to the terminology I offer so you do not suffer the fate of sharing a lexis level similar to say… this Sandman you speak of. This week's word:

Inculcate (in-kuhl-keyt)
1. To teach and impress by frequent repetitions or admonitions

To rephrase in a simpler vernacular for you -- in what you might refer to as "laymen's terms" -- inculcating is the method of instruction Sandman would require. A teacher, like myself, would have to -- for lack of a better term -- beat information through his thick cranium in order to reach that microscopic, virtually nonexistent, insignificant speck that functions as his brain.

Inculcating is an astute tactic for bettering an opponent who attempts to make up for his lack of acumen with muscle. Let us not forget that using muscle of the mind is the most effective manner of vanquishing the opposition, particularly when the antagonist is someone as mentally weak as the hops-swilling Sandman.

Class is dismissed, but remember to check back every Wednesday after ECW on Sci Fi for another enlightening lesson from me... Matt Striker… your teacher.


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