Matt Striker's Word of the Week for 9/12/06

Hello students! Once again, it is I, your teacher, Matt Striker, and once again I am here to educate the uncultivated masses with the Word of the Week.

Last week, we reviewed troglodyte, a word which so veraciously describes your hero, the Sandman. After last night's visit to Madison Square Garden, a show attended by the very masses whom I once presided over, it became clear that the Big Apple was in grave and desperate need of immediate guidance. That is why this week's "Word of the Week," will be expanded.

Yes, that is right, this week we will all take part in an advanced lesson. For one week and one week only, you are all invited to de-board your special miniature yellow bus and walk past the classroom that you normally share with such mental masterminds as… Eugene, and you can proceed to enter the sanctuary of a setting that is Striker's Classroom.  

This week's words:

Truculent [truhk-yuh-luhnt] -- fierce, cruel, savage, belligerent, aggressively hostile.
 - As in, "the truculent Sandman failed to graduate from high school."

Trepidacious [trep-i-dey-shuhs] -- afraid, fearful.
- As in, "the Madison Square Garden fans are trepidacious of Matt Striker's superior intellect."

Truant [troo-uhnt] -- to be absent from school without permission, neglectful of duty or responsibility.
- As in, "Matt Striker's students are never, ever truant when class is in session."

So my students, this brings to a close another overwhelmingly titillating edition of Word of the Week. Remember, you can learn more every week by tuning your television learning device to ECW on Sci Fi, every week at 10/9 CT.

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