Matt Striker's Word of the Week for 12/12/06

Hello, my students. Your teacher, Matt Striker, is here to bring you another rousing edition of your favorite feature, the Word of the Week.

Matt Striker's Word of the Week is probably the most important word that any of our young people can ever master. It is a word that I can articulate in many different languages. I happen to speak 13 different languages, including Ebonics. This week's word is:

No (no)

1. indicates a negative response, used to refuse, deny, or disagree with something

I'll say it in Spanish. No. Italian. No. No -- not know, but no -- is a very important word. It usually carries a negative connotation, but let's try to use it in a sentence.

Hey there little boy; would you like some candy? No.

Little girl, would you like to come roller-skating with me, your teacher? No.

Now that we have explored this week's word in a negative context, let's examine it from another perspective. Here are some examples in the positive light.

Did you do your homework? No.

Were you looking over James's paper? No.

Is there anyone whom you would rather have as your teacher other than Matt Striker? No.

That is your word of the week. Be sure to attend class next week after ECW on Sci Fi so you can expand your vocabulary with the help of me, Matt Striker, your teacher.


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