Matt Striker's Word of the Week for 11/28/06

Hello, my students. It is I, Matt Striker, and I am here to bestow upon you the final Word of the Week for November. First, I hope you all had a remarkable Thanksgiving. I presume that before you commenced masticating, you gave thanks for me, Matt Striker, your teacher. Remember, a student is nothing without his or her teacher. Now that you are no doubt rampant with anticipation, I will inform you of this week's word. The word is, in fact:

Anticipation (an-tis-uh-pey-shuhn)

1. realization in advance; foretaste
2. expectation or hope

In terms understandable by someone with the intelligence of ECW's newcomer Lashley, anticipation means to look forward to something.

Let me provide you with an example. Matt Striker anticipates the December to Dismember this Sunday for a myriad of reasons (myriad could have been the Word of the Week as well). Some of those reasons include: (in no particular array) witnessing this Lashley fall to the extreme giant in the Extreme Elimination Chamber and seeing what will emanate from the arrogant Hardys.

Although we know that many of my fans anticipate the start of school and anticipate what novel I will assign for homework, most of all, they anticipate my lesson because I am their teacher, Matt Striker.


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