Matt Striker's Word of the Week for 11/21/06

Hello, my students. It is I, Matt Striker, bringing you the latest edition of the Word of the Week. This week's word brings to the surface an interesting paradox that exists in Extreme Championship Wrestling involving your teacher. This week's word is:

Antithesis (an-tith-uh-sis)

1. opposition; contrast
2. the direct opposite

It's a very fun word to say. Say it with me: antithesis. It means to be… well… let's break it down. "Anti," meaning against. Thesis. Let's skip right to the chase for the intellectually challenged ECW fans taking part in today's session. Antithesis is the opposite, the exact opposite. It's like Matt Striker and ECW.

Matt Striker is the antithesis of ECW. Who shall we choose to use as an example? We've already made quite an example out of Sandman. How about the newest Extremist, Lashley? Matt Striker is the antithesis. Lashley is Mr. Disrespectful, Combustible Engine. Matt Striker is the antithesis of Lashley. We're like night and day. Like black and white. Oh, I made a funny. In any event, I am the exact opposite of what all of the ECW fans in general deem as "cool." I am a teacher. I am your teacher, Matt Striker.


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