Matt Striker's Word of the Week for 10/10/06

Hello, my students. It is I, Matt Striker, your teacher, and I am here once again to assist you in ascertaining a greater vocabulary.

Last week's word was brethren as ECW World Champion Big Show proved to be my brethren when he assisted me in vanquishing the Sandman and that other, almost equally odious Extremist Sabu. Perhaps Sandman considered Sabu to be his brethren as well that night, as these two abhorrent beings both insist on pigeonholing themselves as "ECW Originals." This would be a euphemism for old, for those of you with the brain capacity of one of these men. Let us press on with today's lesson.

Today's word of the week:

Triumvirate (trahy-uhm-ver-it)
1. A body of triumvirs
2. The office of government of triumvirs

Since many of you, my fellow students, are longtime ECW enthusiasts and were initially engrossed by the mindless consumption of giggle water and tossing of chairs, I will abridge this definition. A triumvirate is essentially any ensemble of three. Used in a sentence: This evening, Matt Striker, the ECW World Champion Big Show and the main eventer Test were a formidable triumvirate. It certainly does not, however, take the mental capacity of a triumvirate to triumph over such feeble, ancient minds in a battle of whits.

I am sure you found this week's lesson as invigorating and thought-provoking as ever. Be sure to return next week for another word to add to your personal lexicon, courtesy of me… Matt Striker… your teacher.


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