Matt Striker's Word of the Week for 10/03/06

Hello, my students. I know you greet me with eagerness and zeal now that it is time for me to dispel the fermentable wait after seven seemingly protracted days since our last lesson. Now that class is in session, I will commence this seminar.

This week's word:

Brethren (breth-ren)
1. Used chiefly in formal or solemn address or in referring to the members of a profession, society, or sect

As in the sentence: This evening, the Big Show proved to be my brethren.

In the world of extreme wrestling, your teacher's brethren are the other young Extremists who are inarguably the future of ECW. I am thinking of remarkable Extremists such as Hardcore Holly and Mike Knox. This constantly inebriated, vacant noggin, vapid so-called athlete you deem the Sandman is not my brethren. For a man of my intelligence to be involved with an inferior being like this Sandman would be inconceivable. My brethren, the new breed of Extreme Championship Wrestling, is far superior to Sandman and his associates. I hesitate to use brethren to define Sandman's relationship to other has-been Extremists because it suggests far more organization than these loafers are capable of.

Class is dismissed for the week. Return next Wednesday after ECW on Sci Fi for another enriching lesson to amplify your vocabulary from me… Matt Striker… your teacher.


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