Matt Striker's Word of the Week for 9/5/06

Hello my students! It is I, Matt Striker, your teacher. And I am here in ECW as an advocate of your cerebral enhancement.

This is the first week of school for many of you, and here on, your lesson continues. Students, you should all be emulating a man of my nature and mentality, but instead, you cheer for Neanderthals and jocks like The Sandman -- an individual who immoderately ingests ounce upon ounce of suds and hops. And if it's one lesson you should learn, it's that The Sandman is nothing more than a troglodyte -- which happens to be your word of the week.

Troglodyte trog-luh-dahyt
1. a prehistoric cave dweller
2. a person of degraded, primitive or brutal character
3. one that is unacquainted with affairs of the world

Since you, my students, do not have the capacity to augment your own personal vocabulary, it is here that I have graciously taught you yet another word to add to your verbal glossary. Class is dismissed for now my students, but remember to check back every Wednesday following ECW on Sci Fi for a new lesson from me... Matt Striker, your teacher.

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