Matt Striker's Word of the Week for 8/23/06

This week on ECW on Sci Fi, one of ECW's newest Extremists, Matt Striker, addressed the fans from his classroom. During his speech, Striker used several words that only a man of his impressive intellect would feel comfortable with. Of course, he later changed his tone of voice, insinuating that ECW fans wouldn't understand his choice of language.

So, in an attempt to "help the rubes understand the vernacular" as he says, Striker has volunteered to give his "Word of the Week." Below is what he has sent in to Headquarters for the first submission:

"Hello all my students! It is I, Matt Striker, your teacher here. I want to help you, so that you may one day aspire to be as intellectual as I am… of course, that will never happen, but it is my duty to attempt to make it so. For this week's vocabulary lesson, the word of the week is: Supercilious!

Supercilious (soo-per-sill-e-us) - adjective.
1. Showing haughty pride
2. Showing arrogant disdain to and of those one feels unworthy

So to use it in a sentence... some may say that Matt Striker's attitude towards the ECW fans is supercilious! But I just want to help you... because I am, of course, your teacher, Matt Striker.

Check back every Wednesday following ECW on Sci Fi for a new lesson from Matt Striker.

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