ECW Premiere: Matt Striker's Poem of the Week

ECW Premiere: Matt Striker's Poem of the Week

Each week, we are going to explore the works of our nation's young poets. This week, we go to the Midwest and analyze the works of Sean Daly.

Notice his approach and the tone of his work.

Send me your best work and maybe I will choose to analyze it here in this column.

Of course, my own original works will be posted as well … since I am untouchable when it comes to prose and venom.

Until then:
Los Angeles, hot and bothered
Helicopters watch their daughters play parking lot soccer

A whole lot of love from the target's hide
They lack soul looking for a magic carpet ride
Environment, perfect for a hustle
Many people are distracted by the puzzle

And while they're not lookin', the angel got "tooken"
Welcome to the gray space between fingerprinting and booking

Do your best 'cause the lesson is love
It's enough to keep your head up, another day to get up

Wake up, and let the sun shine through the smog
Free the dialogue 'til everyone believes in God

L.A., to some it's hell, to some it's play
Pay the cover charge but watch what you say
The Barbie doll's caught, body parts come off
And I think she's a he...STOP, look at how it walks

They got the weirdoes, the talent, the beautiful
An arm and a leg for a one-story cubicle

And if the heat don't beat you, the pigs will
Everyone's relaxed, but no one can sit still

Time is money, every moment is costly
So I ration emotion because existence exhausts me.

"Cant expect everyone to see things the way I see it ...cant expect ANYONE to be "dope" the way I be be it"
                            - Slug


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