Matt Striker's Word of the Week for 05/29/07

Matt Striker's Word of the Week for 05/29/07

"Once there was a darkness, deep and endless night
You gave me everything you had, oh you gave me light"

                                               -  S. McLaughlin


As I lay on the beach, I scoff at those who lay up sacrifice to Ra. (That's the Sun God, I'm begging you to know something other than MTV and what pop culture TELLS you is cool!)

I reflect, in the sun (ha-ha, that was funny). I reflect in the sun on Memorial Day.

Of course, the obvious tip of the cap goes to anyone who has ever given their time to our Armed Forces. Whether they pushed a pencil or pushed across enemy lines -- THEY are the ones who gave us our freedom.

A freedom to say and do whatever we feel...

There is more to memorialize:

How about the people in our lives that are still living? Sure, the word "memorialize" implies expiration - but what about the ones who will transcend mortality? Why wait until they are gone to honor them?

I know a man, perhaps the greatest man I've ever known.

A man with whom I have never shared a cross word.

A man who SHOWED me the grace of love, showed me how to deal, and ultimately, showed me how to be a MAN.

We all have "pillars of energy" in our lives and this is indeed the strongest and purest form of energy I have ever known.

Soon he will be gone, I feel his energy fading, and with it, part of me goes as well...

So, I do not wait for a specific day dictated by the calendar to tell him what he means to me and nor do I need to. He knows.

Very few of us have pure, healthy forms of energy in our lives. So, whatever you have that merely comes CLOSE -- take a moment, regardless of how dramatic it feels, and share with that person your bond.

Many bonds will be broken and you can be left floating adrift. But if you hold to the knowledge that the people in your life know what you think of them -- both here and now AND in memory -- then you will never waft too far.

Before we dismiss, I challenge YOU. Make an impact on a life! Who will remember YOU? Better yet, how will they remember you?

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