Matt Striker's Word of the Week for 05/08/07

Matt Striker's Word of the Week for 05/08/07

Perhaps I should start to refer to this column as WORD OF THE WEAK since no one has the aptitude to keep pace.

This week's Word of the Week is ADROIT.

ADROIT -- to be skillful

Now it is no secret that I am quite the wordsmith. I can say anything I want, as clever and creatively as I choose. Sometimes to the point that you, mere mortals, fail to understand. Ahh, yes … you all fail to understand.
Wrap your brains around the following, and for your assignment, I challenge you: Write your thoughts. Make them fly off the page. Impress me!!!! I beg you -- please impress me!!


"It seems creativity has left us by the wayside
Perhaps the world is right and all the problems lay here, stateside
A man once said smart went crazy and truth went trendy
So I guess its now up to conformity and tattoos to defend me?

"Actions speak louder than words
My verbs reign and my displays hail
I'll bring the cross and the hammer,
But you'll have to get some nails...

"So you choose to act like you don't give a 'make love'
While I choose to use all that I have to teach everyone to break stuff
That leaves you to go and act like there's poison in your pancakes
While I amputate the ones that weren't loyal with the handshakes...

"It seems now poor taste passes as gourmet
And free faith only lasts for one day
And what keeps me safe is now considered passé
And for Pete's sake why can't you all just stay away!?!?
(Who the hell is Pete anyway?)

"So, God bless every step that I stomped
While you follow in the crowd
I heard you're dreadin' where you're headin'
For where I go, you are NOT allowed!"


I dare you to come at me with something even remotely close to these concepts. Please don't send me pedantic, marble-mouthed nonsense. I expect the best and nothing less! Now impress me!

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