Matt Striker's Word of the Week for 04/24/07

Matt Striker's Word of the Week for 04/24/07

After spending almost two weeks in historic Europe: places like Italy, Austria, Wales, no… not the ocean. Of course, here in England, one tends to become reflective, and that's similar to what you see when a bicycle is riding down the road at night and your headlights -- if you're old enough to drive a car -- bounce back off of the bicycle. That too is reflective.

The reflective that I'm thinking of is one of self. See, I am a humble man, but every so often, trepidation, worry overcomes me. I'm reminded of a great book that often has many pieces of valuable information, pearls of wisdom. If I ever wore a necklace, that would be the only type of necklace I would ever wear.

Worry weighs a person down, yet an encouraging word cheers a person up. That's in Proverbs 12:25. Feel free to look that up. Now, why worry? Why have trepidation? Well, I'm very reflective. Yes, light does bounce off me, but I like to look at my life and look at all the blessings I have and realize that I'm better than most people. I'm smarter than most people. Now, granted, I could go along and use that for evil, but I don't. No, I don't. I use it for good.

You see, I'm reminded of a great story about two men who fell upon themselves and went into a church or a temple and they spoke to whatever higher being they believed in. One man was a good man, so he spoke proudly and loudly and he looked up at the sky for everyone to hear his words to his god, so to speak. Off in the corner, there was a man who was a tax collector who -- his name was Matthew, as well -- and this man didn't dare pick his eyes up to heaven. No, this man stood humbly in the corner, and he beat his chest and he asked for forgiveness for he said that he was not as good as anyone else. It was that man, that tax collector, who ultimately was saved from all his trepidation.

I know this lesson might be hard for some people to grasp and if you could find a way to wipe the tears from your eyes perhaps you will see it for what it is.

Do not worry. Do not have trepidation. Look at the birds in the sky. Are they not taken care of? Look at the lilies of the field. Are they not given rain? Are they not given food from the soil? Are you not worth more than the birds and the lilies? Are you not worth more than me, Matt Striker… your teacher?

The answer is… technically, no, you're not. I'm obviously worth more to this world than you are, but the point is do not worry, for there is something great ahead for all of us.

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