Matt Striker's Word of the Week for 04/17/07

Matt Striker's Word of the Week for 04/17/07

Even in madness, I still believe. At times when I am down and Heaven bends to take my hand and lead me through this fight; even through madness, I still believe. I dare you to tell me that I cannot walk through fire. I dare you because even through my darkest days, this fire burns…always.

The Word for this Week is forgiveness. See, in all of my humility, all my benevolence, I have always known forgiveness. I remember a time when a student looked at me in eyes with tears. He had betrayed me and he said, "Mr. Striker, I'm sorry."

And as the last breath left his mouth, I said: "I forgive you."

He said, "Why are you comforting me? Why are you being so kind?"

I looked this youngster in his big brown eyes and I said, "Because there was a time when someone forgave me. There was a time when someone gave me a second chance, at times a third chance. Squared. I remember how that felt. See how it feels to be forgiven?"

He looked at me, wiped tears from his eyes and said, "Yes. Is there anything I can do, Mr. Striker?" I said, "Yes; remember this feeling…and pay it forward. Give this forgiveness to someone else, and to someone else and to someone else because that is the true essence of life."

Regardless of betrayal, regardless of emotional dishonesty or physical dishonesty, it is about forgiveness. I am Matt Striker. I am your teacher. And I forgive you.

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