Matt Striker's Word of the Week for 04/10/07

Matt Striker's Word of the Week for 04/10/07

Upon visiting a high school yesterday -- because I am a teacher -- a young student inquired (which is not the Word of the Week) to me, "Mr. Striker, Mr. Striker! What is the Word of the Week?" And I said, "Why don't you come up with something?" And he went, "Ummm … uh … ummm…." And I said, "You know, the Word of the Week is going to be indecisive. Indecisive."

And then I asked the young man, "What's your name?" And he said, "Gabriel." And I said, "Oh, like the angel?" And he said, "Uh … uh … ummm…."

So basically, here is how it's going to "go down," which is a term I learned from the youngsters yesterday. I want you to break down the word indecisive. I want you to break down the prefix for indecisive and then break down the body of the word. Use it in a sentence, and then, for extra credit, please, give me some type of Biblical anecdote that tells me, Matt Striker, your teacher, that you're familiar with my references to Gabriel, or to Luke, or even to Matthew. That's your assignment from me, Matt Striker, your teacher.

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