Matt Striker's Word of the Week for 03/27/07

Matt Striker's Word of the Week for 03/27/07

As we head into probably the biggest night of my life, I think the appropriate Word of the Week here is anticipation.

Now, I'm not referring to Animotion, the popular ‘80s alternative rock band that of course did the theme to Saturday Night's Main Event. No, no. I'm not referring to the title of Carly Simon's smash hit of the early ‘80s as well. I'm referring to the fever pitch, and of course not the movie starring Jimmy Fallon or the buxom Drew Barrymore. I'm referring to the fever pitch that one experiences when they feel that something in impending, like for instance, WrestleMania 23.

On a personal note, as a young Superstar here in the WWE, I think I would be remiss if I did not recognize the sacrifice, both professionally and personally, the Superstars that have come before me have made so that myself and a few others can be a part of their very first WrestleMania. People such as Undertaker, Chris Benoit, William Regal, Shawn Michaels, Hardcore Holly, Triple H, Kane, Finlay, Roddy Piper, Ric Flair, the list goes on and on. If it were not for these men, I truly don't believe that someone such as myself would have the opportunity to perform on the grandest stage of them all.

So with that said, I stand here… humbly… as well as handsomely… to tell you that I am in great… anticipation of the greatest night of my life… WrestleMania 23.

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