Matt Striker's Word of the Week for 03/06/07

Matt Striker's Word of the Week for 03/06/07

First of all, before we get into the Word of the Week, I'd like to make a quick address, if you will.

A lot of the time, being a WWE Superstar, it can be very taxing. (Striker sings a Beatles tune.) Because I'm the taxman, yeahhh, I'm your taxman.

So a lot of times I can't pen my own verbiage for the Word of the Week. I must talk into a small metallic recording device held by a lovely ginger-haired lass and it is up to this ginger-haired lass to take my words verbatim -- which is NOT the Word of the Week -- and transcribe them for you, my students.

Occasionally, perhaps, she has a sip of libation; perhaps, maybe, she has a toke of the pot and takes my words out of context. Last week's Word of the Week, had, shall we say, awful grammar, terrible punctuation. And I just want you to say that I don't speak that way. That falls on the fair hair of the forementioned fair-haired lass who, again, may have been a bit tipsy, maybe have been under the influence. But now it's time for you to be under the influence of me, your teacher.

The Word of the Week is inept. Now I won't give you the definition but I will use it in a sentence: In my travels, I have encountered many inept airlines and baggage claim services. For instance, Continental Airlines -- not Intercontinental airlines, that of course, would be [former Intercontinental Champion] Pedro Morales' airlines. Continental Airlines promised me that my knapsack would be with me in Tucson, Ariz. today. When I arrived in Tucson, to my chagrin -- in fact, let's have verbatim, inept and chagrin all Words of the Week this week. It's like a Fabulous Freebirds/Von Erich Word of the Week.

To my chagrin, my bag -- my knapsack -- was not there. Several minutes ago, I received a call from a man named Michael, who told me that the bag had arrived now -- 27 hours after it had been promised. I told him points would be deducted for being late. He is now on his way to the Tuscan Convention Center to drop off my knapsack. Now believe you me, I will thumb through that knapsack, and if one pencil, one paperclip, one smiling face sticker is missing, this will go on his permanent record.

Now please make sure to e-mail me so that your permanent record is not defiled -- another Word of the Week -- by me, Matt Striker, your teacher.

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