Matt Striker's Word of the Week for 02/13/07

Matt Striker's Word of the Week for 02/13/07

Hello, my students. It is I, Matt Striker, and I am bringing you another intriguing addition to your vocabularies. This week the Word of the Week is a word that faces extinction. It is not used very often and the Oxford American Dictionary, English of course, is threatening to remove the word.

This word is mukna. Not muckraker and not Mukhan Singh or Bob Roop. Wrestling fans will know what that means.

Mukna is of course a tuskless male elephant: Tuskless by birth, not by poachers or by anything of that nature. Now mukna is also used to describe a man who is less than a man, a man who is tuskless or testicleless, if you will.

What I would like my students to do is find the origin of the word mukna and use it in a sentence. Please, I implore you to not go on the Internet and not cut and/or paste. Be original. Refer to an ECW Original in some form of mukna-ness.

I am Matt Striker and I am not a crook (in full Richard Nixon voice) and of course I am your New Breed teacher.

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