Matt Striker's Word of the Week for 01/02/07

Matt Striker's Word of the Week for 01/02/07

Hello, my students. It is I, Matt Striker, and I am bringing you the first Word of the Week of 2007. I hope you all enjoyed your various celebrations in observance of the new year. I am sure you set aside plenty of time for your studies. If you feel that you may have taken a little bit too long of a vacation during the recent weeks and that your brain has become somewhat vacuous, then I have a treat for you. This week's word is:

Polynomial (pol-uh-noh-mee-uh l)

Since it is a new year, I have reflected some and I feel that I've been far too kind. I've been giving you the definition and then using it in a sentence. How about you find out the definition and you use it in a sentence? And feel free to show it to your other instructors at home and tell them you learned it from me, Matt Striker, your teacher. That's your homework.

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