The World's Strongest Words

The World's Strongest Words

Mark Henry has returned to the SmackDown kingdom as the new King of the Jungle. The Silverback sat down with WWE Magazine for their July issue, and has obtained so of the things you wont see in the interview. Check it out:

Who've you slapped back?

I had to knock a guy unconscious on an airplane once. He was crazy, just completely insane. He was [messing with] the stewardess and started punching a window because he thought that we were going down. I received an award and a plaque from my hometown for valor and bravery and all that. But it wasn't about valor or bravery; I was just trying to save my own ass.

Did you learn anything from The Rock during your days in the Nation?

I learned a lot from The Rock, both inside the ring and out. Mostly I learned to put yourself in power and keep yourself in a good position. And, even with injuries, that's what I've been able to do.

Any great Rock stories?

We lived in the same apartment in Connecticut. It was like The Odd Couple, and I was more like Felix Unger and he was Oscar Madison. At least he kept the madness to his room, mostly.

Can you explain yourself for some of the crazy angles you were in?

People remember it, right? That means I did my job. I've always tried to excel at anything I did and that was just another case. I took a hand that was dealt to me and played it to the hilt and it was a success. And, if you remember, any time I was in the ring, I was still me.

You won the Arnold Classic Strongman competition in 2002. Any tales of the Governator?

Back in 1991, he presented the awards at the Olympic Festival and he presented me with the award and I told him that I wanted to be in one of his movies. He asked me how much I could lift, and when I told him he said "I don't think that's enough to be in one of my movies." And at the Arnold Classic in 2002, I asked him again and he said, "You're definitely strong enough now!" We need to get on him about that. He owes me one!

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