Christian goes off on Orton, Edge and SuperSmackDown

Christian goes off on Orton, Edge and SuperSmackDown

Call it tenacity, manipulation or all-out obsession, but Christian will not give up on his quest for the World Heavyweight Title. He received yet another chance to face Randy Orton after presenting Guest SmackDown General Manager Bret Hart with a court order.

Since the match will take place during the special LIVE SuperSmackDown, Hart felt it fitting that the match be special as well, so he declared that the World Title be contested in a Steel Cage Match (WATCH).

embedcolon25002414In an exclusive interview with Christian was very matter-of-fact about the SummerSlam actions of his friend Edge, the decisions being made by SmackDown GM Theodore Long and WWE COO Triple H, and exactly why he will have a huge advantage entering a steel cage with The Viper this Tuesday. Is he right? Does he have what it takes to emerge from the unforgiving steel draped in championship gold once more? Weigh in now on Facebook and Twitter.

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