Captain Charisma on top of the world

Captain Charisma on top of the world

Some things just take time. Such is the case with Christian's quest to win the World Heavyweight Championship. His dream finally became reality at Extreme Rules 2011 when he defeated Alberto Del Rio in a Ladder Match. (Full story | Photos | Career photos)

Less than 24 hours after capturing his first World Title, caught up with Captain Charisma to get his thoughts on his big win.

The victory
“I can’t describe how it feels. It’s still surreal. It was like living in a dream when I unhooked the title,” he said.

Living in Tampa, Christian was able to go straight to his own home to savor the victory with family and friends.

“Usually, you go back to a hotel and open up your bag and throw something on a chair. Last night, I got to go home and put my bag down in my house and take the title out and set it down on the desk. It was one of those nights where you couldn’t sleep because you were so high strung. We sat up and talked and had some laughs. It was a great night.”

Still bearing the marks of his brutal Ladder Match, Christian recounted the cuts, bruises and scrapes he received to his face and torso.

“I woke and rolled out of bed this morning and I was in so much pain. My knees are sore. My back is killing me. My head is throbbing, and I have a huge lump on the side of my head that hurts when I chew. But you know what? I’d do it all again. I’m not going to complain one bit about any of it. It was all worth while.”

For the peeps
More than just an accomplishment for himself, Christian’s victory was for his family, best friend Edge, and all of his peeps who have supported him over the years.

“That always kept me going and made me strive harder to not let them down and make sure that one day I would become World Heavyweight Champion,” he said.

After looking down from the ladder at Extreme Rules and seeing Edge with tears in his eyes, Christian knew “it meant just as much to him to see me do that as it did to myself.”

Coming into WWE at the same time, both Superstars enjoyed an illustrious tag team career together. But, there was a time when the two squared off against each other in the ring, including when Christian won his first Intercontinental Championship against Edge.

“It’s almost like you’re fighting your brother. You didn’t want to, but you kind of had to. You had to fight to get the respect of each other. It’s like two brothers going out in the back yard to duke it out and your father picks you up and dusts you off and says ‘now shake hands.’"

After years of success in WWE, Christian has finally elevated himself to the next level – a level his friend Edge was accustomed to being. (Edge career retrospective.)

And in perhaps the most fitting fashion, Christian won his first World Title in a Ladder Match – something he and Edge excelled at for many years.

As Christian begins his first World Title reign, take a look back at some key moments in his career.

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Christian & Edge win the World Tag Team Titles at WrestleMania 2000
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Christian's debut

More than five hours of matches at

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World Heavyweight Championship

  • Defeated Alberto Del Rio (Extreme Rules 2011)

Intercontinental Championships

  • Defeated Booker T (8/10/03)

  • Won a Battle Royal at Judgment Day 2003

  • Defeated Edge (Unforgiven 2001)

ECW Championships (two)

  • Defeated Jack Swagger (Backlash 2009)

  • Defeated Tommy Dreamer (Night of Champions 2009)

World Tag Team Championships (nine)

  • Edge & Christian defeated The Hardyz & The Dudleyz (WrestleMania 2000)

  • Edge & Christian defeated The Hardyz, T&A & Too Cool (King of the Ring 2000

  • "The Conquistadors" (Edge & Christian) defeated The Hardyz (No Mercy 2000)

  • Edge & Christian defeated The Dudley Boyz, Bull Buchanan & The Goodfather, and Road Dogg & K-Kwik (Armageddon 2000)

  • Edge & Christian defeated The Rock & Undertaker (12/21/00)

  • Edge & Christian defeated then lost the titles to The Dudleyz (3/19/01)

  • Edge & Christian defeated The Dudley Boyz & The Hardy Boyz (WrestleMania X-7)

  • Christian & Lance Storm defeated Hollywood Hulk Hogan & Edge (7/21/02)

  • Christian & Chris Jericho defeated The Hurricane & Kane (10/14/02)

European Championship

  • Christian defeated Bradshaw (10/2001)

WWE Hardcore Championship

  • Christian defeated Mighty Molly (WrestleMania X8)

WWE Light Heavyweight Championship

  • Christian defeated Taka Michinoku (Judgment Day: In Your House in 1998)

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