Welcome to PhotoMania

Welcome to PhotoMania

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I know you know all about WrestleMania, but I think you need to learn a little something about PhotoMania -- a treat before WrestleMania and my gift to WWE fans the world over.

You've seen me in all different kinds of outfits and all different kinds of poses here on WWE.com, and the reason for that is because I simply LOVE to do photo shoots.

Here's why I love it… It's a way I can express a lot of different looks and the many different sides of myself — and I don't mean my split personalities! Hehehe.

It's fun coming up with ideas and then having them realized in photos shoots. I hope to conjure up many moods depending on what I'm wearing and the look I have on my face. Having all of those different vibes get captured is pretty damn cool.

Simply said, when I have pictures taken of me, it makes me feel sexy. I love that all of the attention is on me. Plus, having the access to create the images as well as be the focal point of them makes me feel SO empowered (or maybe… I just like to be in control).

The best part of the whole process is seeing the finished product. In a way, I've been immortalized — I get to look young forever! Obviously, I hope you like the finished product, too. That's what it's all about, right?

So with so many shoots starting to pile up in the WWE photo library, I wanted you all to get caught up with some of the great stuff I've been hiding from you. That's when I came up with the idea for PhotoMania! It's my own little billboard along the Road to WrestleMania 23.

I hope you all have as much fun looking at PhotoMania as I had thinking up the scenarios and getting them shot for you. Don't you worry, more outfits and sexiness are on their way -- I wouldn't let you down! PhotoMania 2 anyone?

Love ya,


Check out the PhotoMania gallery

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