Wedding Belle, No. 8

Wedding Belle, No. 8

Can you believe it? My wedding to Teddylicious is less than two weeks away! I am so happy we'll be able to share our big day with everyone on SmackDown, including all our fans. Besides, our schedules are so hectic, and we really wanted to spend time with our families when we have time off, so we figured SmackDown would be perfect for the wedding since that particular SmackDown will be in Teddy's hometown, Atlanta. So it was a win-win for everybody. Talk about very convenient!

Since the wedding is rapidly approaching, I must admit it seems our nuptials are a hot topic among the Divas of not only SmackDown, but Raw and ECW, too. I was talking to Mickie James and Layla this week, and they both said they can't wait for my big day, and that everyone is abuzz.

But actually, Mickie said she heard of a certain SmackDown Diva talking trash, again, about my wedding. (You know who you are, Little Miss I ain't the lady to mess with.) Also, one so-called Raw songstress is apparently peeved she wasn't asked to sing at my wedding. Sorry, but we're going to have Jagged Edge perform a song for Teddy and I. If Little Miss wannabe Britney Spears thinks we'd let her share the same stage, or breathe the same air as people who can actually carry a note, then she's nuts!

You know what? Nothing is going to ruin my perfect day. Nothing can spoil this special moment in my life. I know the Divas who love and support me will be there by my side, and that's all that matters. I am taking a huge step in my life, and I think a couple Divas just might be jealous that I am marrying someone as successful and handsome as my Teddylicious!

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