Wedding Belle, No. 2

Wedding Belle, No. 2

Hi everyone! Welcome to the second installment of my blog, Wedding Belle. Teddy and I are still working out all the details of our upcoming wedding, but I wanted to fill in our fans on some of our exciting plans.

In my last blog, I promised I'd reveal our wedding's color theme, and I gave you a hint that Teddy and I would soon be cuddling on the couch while watching Breakfast at Tiffany's! Well, have you guessed what it is yet? That's right, Tiffany & Co. Blue!

Tiffany Blue is really big right now. It's a very pretty turquoise. It's patented, so we have to speak with Tiffany and make sure it's OK we use their signature color, but I don't see it being a problem. My ring is Tiffany, and I want the very best.

I was also thinking about a wedding cake, or little cupcakes, that look like a stack of Tiffany boxes and tied up with a white ribbon. How sweet is that?! I want to keep things simple, but very classy. So that's why I'm thinking Tiffany Blue.

Also, the whole bridal party is getting Tiffany charm bracelets, and the back of each heart charm will have our names and wedding date engraved into it. So that's going to be a nice little gift for the bridesmaids. The groomsmen are getting Tiffany cufflinks from Teddy. It's nothing outrageous, just a little something special from him.

Since the wedding is going to be a red carpet extravaganza, every fabulous party has swag bags. At our wedding, the swag is going to be amazing! For the women, we have Christian Dior makeup cases, full of lip gloss, awesome lip plumpers, mascara to die for and Dior Show eye shadow. Oh my gosh, I can't wait to give that out! The male guests will also get a gift bag, with True Religion jeans, an Art of Shaving kit and some other cool stuff. A gift certificate to Kitson will also be included for the best man and the maid on honor… but shhh! Vickie and Ron don't know that yet.

Oh, speaking of Ron... how great was that on SmackDown last night, when Teddy announced that his longtime friend, Ron Simmons, will be his best man? Damn! I'm so happy for Ron. Teddy is so excited to have Ron be such a special part of our big day. … Oh, hang on a second… it looks like Teddy wants to add in a little message to my blog.

Hi everyone, this is the happiest groom-to-be, Teddy Long. I'm really excited about this wedding and to be marrying Kristal. One of the things I've been doing is trying to keep a level head, man, but Kristal -- she's a very beautiful woman! Luckily I have my best man, my right-hand-man, Ron Simmons to keep me cool under pressure. I know I made the right choice when I picked him to be my best man.

Ron and I have been shopping for tuxedos. Man, you know, I never had to shop for a tuxedo! Ron was a big help. You know, I'm just trying to make sure I get the right size so I'll be looking good for my baby girl. I'll tell you, man, I'm just really excited about this. A big bachelor party's going to be happening, too. I don't know the details -- Ron said it's a surprise. So we'll see. 

OK, I'll give you back to my baby girl now. Here she is… the one and only, Kristal!

Thank you, Teddy. I love you, darling!

OK, I think I should go spend some quality time with the man of my dreams. So, until next time in Wedding Belle, we will see you every Friday night on SmackDown on The CW network. Stay tuned to for my next blog, coming soon!

Check out exclusive photos of Theodore Long and Ron Simmons.

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