Wedding Belle, No. 1

Wedding Belle, No. 1

I'd like to give a warm, happy welcome to all of our fans to my new, exclusive blog, Wedding Belle. It's me, your favorite SmackDown Diva, Kristal, aka the one-and-only, future Mrs. Theodore Long! My dear fans, I'm going to give you a special peek into my wonderful world throughout the next few weeks as I prepare for my wedding to the love of my life, Teddy.

Everything has been so crazy since we were engaged on SmackDown on June 22. There are a million different things we have to coordinate, and I am my own wedding planner. I still have to pick out a dress for my bridesmaids and I, plus invitations, flowers, a cake, a location, a honeymoon spot. … Oh, the list goes on and on! My family is really big, and so is Teddy's, so we're trying to coordinate everything, and make sure everyone is happy right now. That's a big thing for us. With so much to plan, thank goodness I have my best friend, Vickie Guerrero, who is my maid of honor -- she'll help out a lot.

Did you happen to see the coverage of the recent wedding of Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria and three-time NBA Champion San Antonio Spurs player Tony Parker? Well, I have to admit, as huge of a spectacle as it was, I'm not gathering any inspiration from their wedding. I thought it was a little tacky. I am thinking more along the scale of Princess Diana and Prince Charles. Now that was classy.

Honestly, ours is going to be the wedding of the millennium. Everyone says their wedding is the wedding of the year. Well, forget this year. This is the wedding of the millennium. It is going to be the biggest red carpet event ever. Everybody who is anybody is going to be there. We'll have the paparazzi, the media and the biggest and best Superstars will be present. We might even have a little Eminem appearance. (Shhh, don't tell Teddy!) Of course, we're going to have me, the most joyful Diva alive. And we're going to have Teddy Long, the happiest groom-to-be on the planet. So you guys, please stay tuned to Wedding Belle, and watch Teddy and I every Friday night at 9/8 CT on SmackDown, only on The CW network.

Next time in Wedding Belle, I'll reveal the color theme I'm thinking of for the wedding. Here's a hint… Let's just say tonight I'll be cuddling on the couch with Teddy while watching Breakfast at Tiffany's!

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