A thankful Experience

A thankful Experience

"Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today!" ~ James Dean (R.I.P. Sean Taylor)

For YOUR Host of Hosts, today is a day of thanksgiving (not the holiday) and I, for one, would like to send a shout-out to "Da Big Dawg upstairs" for my life, health and strength, not to mention my good looks. Charm … wits … athletic ability … did I mention good looks? No, but really, with all the crazy things and natural disasters that happen in the world today (wildfires, tsunamis, etc.), it really causes one to take a moment and reflect and appreciate all the little things that so many take for granted on a daily basis. And, the biggest little thing is called: LIFE!

Now, let's move on to bitness. A lot of you have written me about my decision to bring in my "homie," Shelton Benjamin, and what it now means for YOUR Guiding Light and the future of the hardcore brand of sports-entertainment. Well, since it's my moniker, I guess I must shed my light upon you. Shelton's someone who, like myself, is an all-around athlete with unlimited ability and he was becoming forgotten. It's my belief that over in the Land of the Extreme, he'll be able to showcase his strengths better and also come out of his timeless shell. The first big step for Shelton was stepping away from his comfort zone and allowing the past (WGTT) to be just that, the past! Now, the future awaits him.

Letting the "past be" is something that I think a lot of folks should learn how to do. At times, it's good to reflect on the past, but when you try to recreate the past then, "bah gawd" you're in for a rude awakening. Just look at what happened when they tried to recreate some of my favorite shows/movies like Superman; it failed miserably! If it wasn't the late Christopher Reeve, then it's not Superman. How ‘bout Bewitched? Oh, the horror. I felt bad for the lovely Nicole Kidman. I was devastated. I couldn't even watch it on Nick at Nite anymore. DAMN that Will Ferrell! How about this for a shocker: Does anyone remember the return of Diesel and Razor Ramon on Raw back in 1996? Click!!!

So, to those of you who are asking me if bringing in Shelton points toward a new assembly of New Breeders: Uhm, naugh! Besides, I'd need a vampire for that!

What have we learned today? We learned to be thankful for the little things and that it's OK to reflect and even dabble in the past for a minute as sometimes magic can be found. But, to recreate just for the sake of creating can be downright disastrous. For example, "Da Big Dawg upstairs" and I are cool and all, but I have to wonder, what was he thinking? Dinosaurs became extinct so he recreated them and now we have The Oxeynahippobeast, divided by four, multiplied by one = Balls Mahoney! (Quick, grab the tranquilizer guns!) Just gawd awful!

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